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Unleashing the Best French Rappers: From MC Solaar to Nekfeu

Introduction to French Rappers

When it comes to French hip-hop, finding new artists can be a specific genre and time-consuming task. However, the French hip-hop scene is booming, and it’s worth the effort to uncover the best French rappers.

This article will introduce you to the hip-hop history of France and the most popular French rapper MC Solaar.

Difficulty in Finding New Artists

Finding new artists in the French hip-hop industry can be tricky, unlike other genres where new artists are emerging regularly, this specific genre has a smaller pool of emerging artists. Listeners need to dig deeper to find new artists, and it takes time to discover new talent.

The reason behind this is because French hip-hop rappers tend to rap in French, which is not a universal language, limiting their audience.

Purpose of the Article and Relevance

The purpose of this article is to educate readers about French rap, hip-hop history, and introduce them to the best French rapper, MC Solaar. Moreover, we will discuss his achievements in the American hip-hop scene.to MC Solaar

MC Solaar is a French rapper of Senegalese and Chadian origin who was born and raised in Paris.

He started his music career in the late 80s and rose to fame in the early 90s. Solaar released his debut album Qui Seme le Vent Recolte le Temp in 1991.

It introduced a new style to French hip-hop, combining jazz and funk elements with rap. The album was an instant success, selling over 100,000 copies and gaining critical acclaim.

Career and Achievements

Solaar’s second album, Prose Combat, was released in 1994. The album sold over 500,000 copies, making it the first French hip-hop album to go platinum.

Solaar’s popularity grew worldwide, and he became a sought-after performer. He toured in France, Europe, and the United States, sharing the stage with hip-hop legends such as Guru, Shaquille O’Neal, and KRS-One.

Solaar’s success continued with his following albums and singles, which featured collaborations with prominent artists such as the Fugees and Guru. His fourth studio album, Cinquieme As (Fifth Ace), released in 2001, featured the hit single “La Belle et Le Bad Boy,” which topped charts in France, Belgium, and Switzerland.


In conclusion, French hip-hop has an intriguing and unique history worth exploring, and it is undeniable that MC Solaar is one of the best French rappers to ever grace the industry. His unique style combined with his talent and authenticity has earned him a spot in the American hip-hop scene and secured him the title of France’s greatest rapper.

We look forward to unearthing more exciting French rappers.

3)to Vald

Vald is a French rapper known for his unique style and controversial topics. His creative approach to hip-hop has earned him a massive following, and his music has been labeled as comedy rap by some.

He has become an influential figure for younger French audiences who relate to his carefree and humorous approach to serious topics. Vald’s Controversy and Creativity

Vald’s music has often been met with controversy due to the explicit nature of his lyrics and his provocative music videos.

This has, however, not dampened his huge popularity, as he continues to push boundaries and challenge the norms set by traditional French hip-hop. His music often employs a mix of styles, and he is not afraid to experiment with different genres, adding to his uniqueness.

Success and Popularity

So far, Vald has released two mixtapes, two EPs, and two albums. In 2017, he released Agartha, which turned out to be a breakthrough for him.

The album was critically acclaimed and helped him establish a significant following in France and beyond. In 2018, Vald released Xeu, which received positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

The album showcased Vald’s growth as an artist and cemented his place as one of the most influential French rappers.

4)to Booba

Booba is a French rapper known for his gangsta rap style and smooth flow. Before becoming a rapper, Booba was a breakdancer, further cementing his place within hip-hop culture.

Booba is also a successful businessman and entrepreneur, owning a record label, clothing line, and jewelry line, among other ventures.

Career Accomplishments

Booba has released eleven solo albums to date, each showcasing his evolution as an artist. In 2015, he released Trne, which went on to become his most successful album, reaching diamond certification.

Booba is recognized as one of the highest-paid French rappers, with his financial success attributed to his extensive brand of collaborations and business acumen.


Vald and Booba are two influential figures in the French hip-hop scene. Vald’s creativity and controversial approach to the genre have earned him a huge following, while Booba’s gangster rap style and illustrious career make him one of the most successful rappers in France.

Their evolution as artists and contributors to the French hip-hop scene makes them a must-listen for fans and curious listeners alike.

5)to SCH

SCH is a Marseille-born rapper who first gained popularity on Skyblog with his stage name Schwarzer. He is known for his unique style that incorporates hip-hop with trap, collaborating with the likes of Ninho and Nekfeu.

SCH is recognized as one of the most prominent players in the Marseille rap scene, gaining traction in the broader French hip-hop industry.

Gangster Persona and Reputation

SCH has cultivated his gangster persona and reputation through his lyrics, which often reference organized crime and Marseille’s dangerous reputation. He has been compared to the Los Angeles of French rap, a comparison that he has embraced.

However, SCH has emphasized that his music is only a reflection of his life experiences and should not be taken as a glorification of violence.

6)to Jul

Jul is a Marseille-born rapper, known for his style, which blends a mixture of rap, pop, and R&B. His first solo album Ghetto Phnomne was released in 2014, which introduced him to the broader French rap scene.

His second album Dans Ma Paranoa was released in 2015, solidifying his place in French hip-hop.

Prolific Career and Success

Jul has an impressive career spanning over six years, having released twenty-two albums to date. He holds the record for the most albums sold in French rap history with millions of record sales and fans worldwide.

Jul has achieved platinum status with several of his albums, and his crossover appeal has seen him collaborate with artists from different genres.


SCH and Jul are two of the most prominent artists in the French hip-hop scene. SCH’s unique style blends together hip-hop and trap with his lyrics reflecting his life experiences in Marseille.

Meanwhile, Jul’s innovative style, a mixture of rap, pop, and R&B, has seen him achieve unprecedented success, becoming the best-selling artist of all time in French rap history. Both artists have made a significant impact on the scene and can be considered essential listens for hip-hop fans, both in France and beyond.

7)to Niska

Niska, whose birth name is Stanislas Dinga Pinto, is a French rapper of Congolese origin. He is known for his distinctive voice and unique style, often employing punchy and rhythmic lyrics.

He gained popularity with his mixtape Negro Deep in 2015 before releasing his debut studio album Commando in 2017. Additionally, he has recently celebrated fatherhood with the birth of his child.

Success and Certifications

In 2019, Niska had chart-topping success with his album Mr. Sal, which reached the top three in the French charts. He has earned several certifications for his work, including diamond certification for his hit single “Rseaux,” one of the most-streamed French hip-hop tracks of all time.

Additionally, Niska holds the record for the most certified singles in France, with over fifteen tracks certified to date.

8)to Ninho

Ninho is a Paris-born rapper, known for his smooth flow and versatile lyrics. He released his debut studio album, Comme Prvu, in 2017, which quickly gained him popularity within the French hip-hop scene.

Ninho is known for his collaborations with fellow rappers such as Nekfeu, Damso, and Vegedream.

Record-Breaking Success

Ninho has gained widespread recognition for his record-breaking success, with gold, platinum and diamond certifications for his work. In 2021, he won the prestigious Victoires de la Musique, cementing his place in French music history.

He holds the record for the most certified singles in France, with over twenty tracks certified to date. His album Destin, released in 2019, was a critical and commercial success, and his following album M.I.L.S 3.0 in 2020 achieved similar recognition, making him an essential figure in French hip-hop.


Niska and Ninho are two of the most successful rappers in French hip-hop. Niska’s distinctive voice and rhythmic lyrics have earned him numerous certifications, with his hit single “Rseaux” becoming one of the most-streamed French hip-hop tracks of all time.

Meanwhile, Ninho’s smooth flow and versatility have earned him critical acclaim and record-breaking success with his albums and singles, leading him to win the prestigious Victoires de la Musique award. Both artists have uniquely contributed to the scene, making them essential to any French hip-hop playlist.

9)to KEKRA

KEKRA is an elusive and anonymous French rapper known for his off-beat style and disinterest in the fame associated with the music industry. He believes that rap is not a real job and prefers to keep a low profile, avoiding media attention and interviews.

Despite his elusive persona, KEKRA has become a significant player in the French hip-hop scene.

Career Accomplishments

KEKRA has released eleven albums to date, all self-released without major record label support. He has gained a considerable following through his unique approach to rap, blending together elements of electronic music and hip-hop.

In 2020, KEKRA signed with Because Music, a French independent record label, accommodating his vision towards music production.

10)to PNL

PNL is a French hip-hop duo comprised of brothers Ademo and N.O.S (Tarik and Nabil Andrieu). The two grew up in the north-eastern suburbs of Paris, facing difficult times throughout their childhood and adolescence, with their parents being incarcerated.

The duo often reflects on their experiences in their music.

Diamond Certifications and Awards

PNL’s debut album Le Monde Chico was released in 2015, quickly becoming a hit in France, selling over ten million copies and achieving diamond record status. The album earned the duo widespread recognition and propelled them into the French mainstream.

They have gone on to win numerous awards, such as the Best French Album award at the Victoires de la Musique, and IMPALA European Awards.


KEKRA and PNL are two of the most interesting and unique acts in French hip-hop. KEKRA’s anonymity and disinterest in the industry’s fame contrast with PNL’s rise to stardom and success despite their difficult start in life.

Nonetheless, both acts have achieved significant accomplishments with their music released to critical acclaim. Thus recommend listening to their music.

11)to MHD

MHD is a French rapper of Senegalese origin, credited with popularizing the music genre Afro trap, a style that blends African rhythms, trap beats, and French rap. His self-titled debut album, released in 2016, brought him international recognition, and he has since become one of the key players in the French hip-hop scene.

Controversies and Career

MHD has faced controversies as well as career highlights throughout his time in the music industry. In 2020, he was arrested for second-degree murder following an incident that occurred in Paris.

This led to the delay of his third album, but it was released later in the year. MHD has also had successful collaborations with international artists such as WizKid, and his career continues to rise.

12)to Nekfeu

Nekfeu, whose real name is Ken Samaras, is a French rapper, and member of the $-Crew and Lentourage. He released his first solo album Feu in 2015, which received critical acclaim and gained him a significant following in the French hip-hop scene.

Album Success and Recognition

Nekfeu has continued his success with his second album Cyborg, which won Best Urban Music Album at the Victoires de la Musique awards. In 2019, he released his debut film Les toiles Vagabondes, a documentary that followed his concert tour.

The film’s accompanying album also received positive reviews, cementing Nekfeu’s place as a significant figure in French hip-hop.


MHD and Nekfeu are significant figures in the French hip-hop scene, their music and style influencing the direction of the genre in France. MHD’s Afro trap style has garnered international recognition, while Nekfeu’s solo albums have brought him critical acclaim and various awards.

Despite facing controversies in their careers, both artists continue to be successful and influential in the industry.

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