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Unleash Your Creativity: The Best Vocal Looper Pedals for Singers

Introduction to Vocal Looper Pedals

Music can move people’s emotions in so many ways. Whether it is the lyrical content, the melody, or the harmony, music has the power to make people feel happy, sad, nostalgic, or even angry.

One crucial aspect that creates music’s depth and complexity is layering. The process of layering involves adding different musical elements to one another, creating beautiful compositions that soothe the soul.

In the music industry, loopers are powerful tools that allow musicians to access this process more efficiently and productively. Looping is a technology that has been around for decades.

Still, it became more popular with musicians in the 90s, when artists started using samplers and other recording devices to record short phrases of music and then play them back in a loop. Now, there are numerous looping devices available in the market and loopers come in many forms depending on their functionality.

Vocal looper pedals are among the most recent developments in looping technology and have transformed the way singers perform. In this article, we will explore the main advantages of using vocal looper pedals and examine the best vocal looper pedals currently available in the market.

Overview of Looping Technology

Looping is the process of recording short sections of music and playing them continuously in a loop. Looping technology has been around since the invention of tape recording machines and has evolved significantly in recent years.

The primary advantage of looping is that it allows the musician to create layered soundscapes and build-up a composition quickly.

Looping devices have gained popularity in recent years, and there are now many different types of equipment designed to help musicians create loops.

Most loopers come in the form of stompbox pedals that are designed for guitarists. However, vocal looper pedals have become more popular over the years among singers.

Advantages of Using Vocal Looper Pedals

Vocal looper pedals are powerful tools that offer several advantages to singers and musicians. Among these advantages are:

1) Layering – With looping technology, singers can layer their vocals, humming melody, and even beatboxing.

A vocal looper pedal allows the singer to record a phrase, loop it, record another phrase on top of the first, and then loop that one. They can continue until they have created a rich and complex sound.

2) Improvisation – Vocal looping allows the musician to improvise their performance, creating spontaneous layered compositions that build up as they go. This kind of improvisation is an excellent addition for those who enjoy live performances.

3) Performance – With a vocal looper pedal, singers can perform alone, creating their harmonies, and providing a fuller sound without having to rely on a band. 4) Practice – Loopers are excellent for singers who want to practice or learn new songs.

With a vocal looper pedal, they can break down a song and practice it one phrase at a time, control the timing of the song, and build it up gradually. Product Round-up & Reviews Best Vocal Looper Pedals

There are many different types of vocal loopers available in the market, which can be overwhelming for someone who wants to get started in looping.

Below are the five best vocal looper pedals that we recommend based on their functionality, popularity, and affordability.

1) Boss RC-505

The Boss RC-505 is a tabletop loop station designed for vocalists. It features five stereo tracks, each with its dedicated footswitch.

The RC-505 has a clear and simple guitar-style interface that allows singers to easily warp tracks, vary the tempo, and record live inputs effortlessly. This pedal also features a range of built-in effects that can be applied to a track, making it ideal for live performance.

2) TC Helicon Ditto Mic Looper

The Ditto Mic Looper is a stompbox-style effect pedal that is perfect for singers who want a loop pedal that they can easily carry with them to their gigs. It is a simple yet effective looper that has a single footswitch, allowing singers to build up their compositions with ease.

This stompbox has a microphone input, and it can store 5 minutes of recorded material. It also features unlimited overdubs.

3) TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme (VL3X)

The VoiceLive 3 Extreme is a studio-grade vocal and guitar processor. This pedal is perfect for musicians who want to create complex vocal arrangements.

It features a three-stage looper, a set of flanger, chorus and delay effects, and midi connectivity. The VL3X has a footswitch for easy control during live performances, and it also allows for looping and effects to be applied to an external instrument, making it an excellent addition to any performance or home studio.

4) Boss VE-20

The Boss VE-20 is a vocal effects processor that also has a looping function. It is a versatile pedal that allows singers to add harmony to their vocals, add special voice effects, and loop live vocals.

It is an excellent tool for live performance and practice. The VE-20 also has a “perform” setting that allows singers to turn on and off the effects or loop recordings at will, and a “check” setting that allows for easy practice or songwriting.

5) Jamman Express XT

The Jamman Express XT is a simple stereo looper that is perfect for looping guitar or vocals. It is a compact and affordable pedal ideal for beginners.

It has an intuitive user interface and can store up to ten minutes of looped material. This looper also features a “daisy chain” function that allows for multiple instruments or pedals to be connected, making it an excellent addition to a singer’s pedalboard.

Additionally, the pedal also has a silent clear function that clears the loop without worrying about any noise disrupting the performance.


In conclusion, vocal looper pedals allow singers to expand their creativity in music by creating layers and spontaneous compositions. Looping technology has evolved significantly in recent years, leading to powerful devices that make it easy for musicians to create rich and complex soundscapes.

In this article, we explored the main advantages of using vocal looper pedals and recommended the top five vocal looper pedals. With the help of a vocal looper pedal, singers can improve their live performance, practice or performance, and add a new layer of depth and complexity to their music.

What is a Vocal Looper Pedal? A vocal looper pedal is an electronic device that records and plays back user-recorded audio tracks.

It is widely used by singers, musicians, and songwriters to create layered compositions by looping various musical elements. Vocal looper pedals come in different types, and each has its functionalities and features.

Device Types

The three main types of vocal looper pedals are the stompbox, tabletop, and microphone clip-on models. A stompbox vocal looper is an effects pedal that is placed on the floor and is used by guitarists and singers with a footswitch.

It is a compact and portable device that allows the user to loop audio tracks on the fly. The Ditto Mic and Jam Man Express XT are examples of simple stompbox vocal loopers.

A tabletop vocal looper, on the other hand, is a device that sits on a tabletop and is designed to be used by singers and musicians in a studio. It usually has a more complex interface with added functions like effects processors and advanced looping capabilities.

The Boss RC-505 is an excellent example of a tabletop vocal looper. Lastly, the microphone clip-on loopers are smaller than other types.

They can be attached directly onto the microphone, making them an ideal option for singers who want to loop and control their vocals while singing.

Audio Storage Capacity

Audio storage capacity is another vital aspect that should be considered when choosing a vocal looper pedal. Most loopers can record an audio track for a set period before the loop ends, which limits the amount of recorded material.

Others can store multiple layers of audio tracks and provide a more extensive storage capacity. These devices feature memory slots, which allows the user to record and store more material.

Overdubbing is another essential capability of a vocal looper pedal. It is the process of adding a new layer of audio on top of the existing track.

Overdubbing allows the user to build up a composition to create a rich and complex sound. The number of tracks and overdubs that a looper pedal can hold varies, so it’s essential to choose a unit that meets individual needs.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of a vocal looper pedal is also critical. Tone suckage can occur when a pedal circuitry negatively affects the instrument or voice’s natural tone.

It’s essential to consider vocal looper pedals that have a true bypass, meaning that the sound goes directly through the pedal’s input and output without passing through the circuitry when it is turned off. Some vocal looper pedals also have built-in effects like harmonizers, reverb, and auto-tune that can enhance the user’s performance.

These effects are intended to compliment the looped audio tracks, and the quality of these effects is an essential part of the overall sound quality. Which Should I Buy?

When deciding which vocal looper pedal to buy, it’s essential to consider several factors.

Simple Stompbox Vocal Loopers

The Ditto Mic and Jam Man Express XT are perfect for beginners who want to experiment with vocal looping without compromising on sound quality. They are easy to use and come with just a few footswitches, making them simple to operate even without experience with loopers.

Stompbox with Effects

The Boss VE-20 is ideal for vocalists who want to use effects to enhance their performance. It features functions like pitch-correcting and harmonizing, making it an excellent addition to live performances or small gigs.

It also has multiple memory slots and can support multiple overdubs, making it an excellent choice for beginners who need a bit more functionality.

Tabletop Model

The Boss RC-505 is perfect for vocalists who want more advanced looping functionalities. It is a tabletop model designed for singers who want to create complex layers while singing.

It features a range of built-in effects and a clear and simple guitar-style interface, making it ideal for those who prefer studio-recorded sound

Premium Stompbox

The TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme is the perfect choice for singers who want advanced gadgetry, premium sound quality, and complete value for money. It features built-in effects like multi-dimensional harmonics, pitch correction, and reverb.

Additionally, it has a three-stage looper and multiple memory slots, making it an excellent choice for more experienced users. In conclusion, choosing the right vocal looper pedal depends on individual needs.

Various factors should be considered, such as the type of vocal looper pedal needed, the storage capacity, and the quality of sound. It’s essential to consider each factor carefully to ensure that the vocal looper pedal purchased meets individual needs.

In summary, vocal looper pedals are powerful tools that offer many advantages for singers and musicians. Looping technology has evolved significantly, leading to various types of devices that musicians can choose based on their needs and budget.

The main types of vocal looper pedals include the stompbox, tabletop, and microphone clip-on models, each with unique features and capabilities. It’s crucial to consider factors such as audio storage capacity, sound quality, and the type of looper needed when deciding which pedal to buy.

By choosing the right vocal looper pedal, singers and musicians can explore new forms of creativity and add a new layer of depth and complexity to their music.

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