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The Legends of Klymaxx: A Look at Their Top 10 Playlists

The Legends of Klymaxx: A Look at Their Top 10 Playlists of All Time

When it comes to funk, soul, and R&B music from the 80s, few bands come to mind quite like Klymaxx. This all-women band, composed of musicians such as Bernadette Cooper, Joyce “Fenderella” Irby, and Cheryl Cooley, first gained mainstream recognition in 1981 with the song “Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman.” From then on, Klymaxx continued to produce infectious grooves that resonated with audiences and solidified their place in music history.

In this article, we’ll explore their top 10 Playlists, what makes each track stand out, and the band’s lasting legacy. 1.

“The Men All Pause” – 1984

When it comes to catchy, upbeat songs, “The Men All Pause” is a timeless classic. Featuring Cooper’s smooth and powerful alto voice, the song’s funk-infused groove is irresistibly danceable.

The thumping bassline and driving rhythm keep the momentum going from start to finish. Cooper and Irby’s lyrics about women taking control of the dance floor are empowering and sassy, making the song a fan favorite to this day.

2. “I Miss You” – 1985

If you’re in the mood for a soulful, emotional ballad, “I Miss You” is the song for you.

The track features the incredible vocal stylings of Cheryl Lynn, who delivers a performance that is both mournful and hopeful. The use of ethereal synths and gentle drumming creates a tranquil atmosphere that allows Lynn’s voice to take center stage.

The song’s lyrics about lost love are relatable and moving, showcasing the band’s knack for writing soulful ballads. 3.

“Meeting in the Ladies Room” – 1984

If there’s one song that showcases Klymaxx’s sassy side, it’s “Meeting in the Ladies Room.” From the moment Cooper delivers the opening line, “Uh oh, there’s a party goin’ on in the ladies’ room,” you know you’re in for a fun time. The song’s upbeat, danceable groove is perfect for a night out on the town.

The lyrics about waiting for a lover to make a move are cheeky and playful, making “Meeting in the Ladies Room” one of Klymaxx’s most beloved tracks. 4.

“Man Size Love” – 1986

With its romantic, passionate lyrics and soulful vocals, “Man Size Love” is a standout track on Klymaxx’s catalog. Lynn takes the lead on this ballad, delivering her signature powerhouse vocals with finesse.

The use of saxophones and strings gives the song a lush, orchestral feel that heightens its romantic tone. The track’s lyrics about the intensity of a deep love affair are heartfelt and profound, making “Man Size Love” a favorite among Klymaxx fans.

5. “Sexy” – 1985

If you’re in the mood for something playful and funky, “Sexy” will not disappoint.

The track opens with a spoken-word intro by Cooper that sets the scene for a fun and flirty night. The use of brass instruments and disco beats creates a lively, energetic atmosphere that will get you moving in no time.

The song’s lyrics about empowerment and self-love are inspiring and catchy, making “Sexy” a Klymaxx classic for any dance party. 6.

“Divas Need Love Too” – 1986

Klymaxx was not just a band that produced catchy tunes. They were also trailblazers for women in the music industry, using their platform to advocate for equality and empowerment.

“Divas Need Love Too” is a soulful, empowering track that highlights the importance of self-love and respect. The use of piano and gospel-esque backing vocals gives the song a poignant and inspiring tone that remains relevant to this day.

7. “Lock and Key” – 1988

“Lock and Key” is one of Klymaxx’s more melancholic tracks, dealing with heartbreak and loss.

The song’s use of moody synths and sparse drumming creates a moody, introspective atmosphere that mirrors the pain of the lyrics. Lynn’s vocals are emotive and raw, conveying the anguish of having to let go of someone you love.

The song’s critical acclaim showcases Klymaxx’s ability to tackle difficult emotions in their music. 8.

“I’d Still Say Yes” – 1986

“I’d Still Say Yes” is one of Klymaxx’s most timeless tracks, showcasing the longevity and universality of their music. The song’s melody is sweet and nostalgic, evoking memories of past loves and moments in time.

Lynn’s performance is tender and soulful, delivering the lyrics with impeccable timing and emotion. The track’s lyrics about the longevity of true love are heartwarming and sincere, making “I’d Still Say Yes” a favorite for weddings and anniversary parties.

9. “Good Love” – 1990

“Good Love” is a groovy and upbeat track that reminds fans of the band’s fun and playful side.

The song’s use of horns and funky guitar riffs gives it a lively, spirited tone that is perfect for any party. Cooper’s vocals are energetic and dynamic, showcasing her range and versatility.

The song’s lyrics about the joy of falling in love make it a feel-good anthem that celebrates the power of romance. 10.

“I Look Good (Interview) – Bernadette Cooper” – 2004

Although “I Look Good” might not be a traditional Klymaxx track, it’s still a fan favorite. The song features Cooper’s sassy and humorous spoken-word performance that celebrates empowerment and self-love.

The track’s hip-hop beat and synthesized vocals make it a departure from the band’s earlier work, but still demonstrates their ability to evolve and innovate over time. In conclusion, Klymaxx made an undeniable impact on the music industry with their infectious grooves, empowering lyrics, and raw talent.

From powerful ballads to fun and funky party tracks, their range and versatility have solidified their place in music history. As music lovers everywhere rediscover their music, Klymaxx’s relevance and lasting legacy continue to grow.

“I Miss You”

“I Miss You” is a heart-wrenching ballad released by Klymaxx in 1985. The song features a gentle and soft piano melody that provides the perfect understated counterpart to the poignant and emotional nature of the lyrics.

The melody flows gently like a river, lulling the listener in with its melancholy yet comforting rhythm. It’s simple yet elegant, and its gentle nature complements the raw sentiment of the lyrics.

The piano melody is evocative and sublime, providing the perfect emotional backdrop to the sorrowful subject of lost love. Klymaxx’s genius in “I Miss You” is their ability to convey the pain of loss through the music itself.

The combination of the melody and lyrics creates an atmosphere that immerses the listener in the emotion of the song. As a result, the listener feels the pain and heartbreak of being away from a loved one.

The lyrics of “I Miss You” are emotive and poignant, truly capturing the pain of loss. They convey the struggle of trying to cope with the absence of someone you love.

The words touch your soul and evoke genuine empathy in anyone who has experienced the heartbreak of separation. Throughout the song, Klymaxx shifts between solemn and yearning, bringing powerful emotion to the track.

The lead vocalist, Cheryl Lynn, truly shines on “I Miss You,” delivering the lyrics with heartfelt sincerity that adds another dimension of depth to the song. Lynn’s vocals are simply incredible in “I Miss You.” Her raw, soulful performance cuts to the core of the song’s emotional content and leave the listener feeling moved.

Her voice is powerful and emotive, capturing the many emotional states that come with grief. “Meeting in the Ladies Room”

“Meeting in the Ladies Room” is another memorable track from Klymaxx.

The song features a catchy bassline and rhythm that gets you in the mood to dance. It has an upbeat and lively vibe that gets your body moving, making it one of their most enjoyable tracks.

The track’s instrumentation is full of energy, with the use of different instruments to create an overall feeling of soulfulness enhanced by some funky, disco-inspired beats. The bass was designed to get the listeners dancing and the horns curated to bring in the party feel.

“Meeting in the Ladies Room” is also filled with sassy and playful lyrics, providing a perfect foil to the music’s upbeat nature. The lyrics bring a sense of humor to the song and convey messages of female camaraderie, as well as an expectation of men to capture a woman’s interest.

Klymaxx’s vocals on “Meeting in the Ladies Room” is an all-out powerhouse display. Their voices work together in harmony, creating a seamless blend of soulful and energetic sounds that make the song unforgettable.

The rhythm and beat of the music blend perfectly with the vocals, resulting in a track that’s sure to get people on the dance floor. The song’s vocal arrangement creates a great showcase of what makes Klymaxx unique among their contemporaries.

The lead vocals are confident and expressive, and the harmonies show the band’s exceptional vocal range and musicality.


Klymaxx’s “I Miss You” and “Meeting in the Ladies Room” are two standout tracks that showcase the band’s range and versatility. These songs embody the sheer emotional power of their music, from the gentle and poignant melody of “I Miss You” to the energetic beat of “Meeting in the Ladies Room.”

Through their perfect blend of dynamic rhythms, powerful vocals, and emotive lyrics, Klymaxx earned a reputation as one of the most soulful and dynamic bands of their era.

These tracks showcase the depth of their musical talent and illustrate why Klymaxx will always remain a beloved symbol of funky and soulful music. “Man Size Love”

Klymaxx’s “Man Size Love” is a perfect example of how the band can infuse passion and romance into their tracks.

The song features a slow and sultry groove that evokes a sense of intimacy and intimacy, making it one of the most sensual tracks in their discography. The song’s rhythm builds towards its romantic climax, and the use of electric guitar riffs and keyboards provides a dynamic layer to the track.

The gentle, almost sexy melody fits perfectly with the song’s message of falling in love. You can’t help but get lost in the romanticism of the track.

Cheryl Lynn’s vocal performance on “Man Size Love” is a standout, providing a truly emotive experience. Her soulful and sincere delivery conveys a depth of feeling that is essential to bring to life a track like this.

Lynn’s ability to convey vulnerability and strength at the same time underscores the power of her voice and the depth of her artistry. The lyrics of “Man Size Love” are heartfelt and sincere, speaking directly to the romantic fantasies of those who listen to it.

The theme of relationship love is central to the track, with lyrics discussing deep emotions like passion, commitment, and timeless connection. Klymaxx expertly captures the essence of love and infuses it with a style that’s modern and relevant even today.

“Man Size Love” showcases the powerful combination of raw emotion, soulful musicality, and unforgettable melody to create a track that is sure to be appreciated by listeners across multiple generations. “Divas Need Love Too”

Klymaxx’s “Divas Need Love Too” is a groovy and mellow track dedicated to spreading the message of self-love and empowerment.

The smooth and groovy bassline sets the tone for a laid-back, relaxed experience that will undoubtedly warm your soul. The song’s instrumentation is minimalistic – only a few instruments are used – but the strength of the vocals, combined with the groovy bassline, create a sound that is both pleasant and inspiring.

Klymaxx’s self-proclaimed diva identity is celebrated, rather than shamed, showcasing their self-assurance and confidence. The lyrics of “Divas Need Love Too” are all about self-empowerment and spreading love, with lyrics that encourage women to embrace their unique traits and not be afraid to shine.

The song’s message of self-love is empowering and liberating, underscoring the band’s commitment to advocacy for gender equality and being true to oneself. Cheryl Cooley’s guitar work on “Divas Need Love Too” is stunning, creating an instrumental motif that is both catchy and inspiring.

Cooley’s use of guitar as a lead instrument is a unique component of the song’s sound, adding depth and dimension to the music. Joyce Irby and Lynn deliver passionate and soulful vocals on “Divas Need Love Too,” cementing the track as a true celebration of the diva spirit.

Their performance on the song is both emotive and powerful, showcasing their strengths in a way that is relevant and modern even today.


Klymaxx’s “Man Size Love” and “Divas Need Love Too” showcase the band’s musical range and versatility. “Man Size Love” combines passion, romance, and heartbreak into a single track, creating a sensual and emotive musical experience.

“Divas Need Love Too” spreads the message of self-love and empowerment, using groovy and mellow grooves to create a powerful and uplifting message of positivity and hope. Klymaxx’s strength lies in their ability to tackle complex themes and emotions while retaining a sense of relatability and universality.

These tracks are shining examples of the band’s artistry and their ability to deliver quality music that stands the test of time. “Lock and Key”

“Lock and Key” is a slow and emotional track that showcases Klymaxx’s ability to create melancholic music that is both beautiful and moving.

The song’s piano melody is somber, lending the track a contemplative and introspective air.

The rhythm of the track is increasingly melancholic as it progresses, providing a perfect contrast with the emotive lyrics.

“Lock and Key” is a testament to the power of the human heart, featuring lyrics that speak to the pain of loss and heartbreak.

Cheryl Lynn’s vocal performance on “Lock and Key” is a study in emotional resonance and power.

Her voice is soulful and expressive, soaring over the melody to deliver a truly captivating performance. The sense of longing and heartbreak in her voice is palpable, creating a striking emotional effect that is impossible to ignore.

The lyrics of “Lock and Key” are heartbreaking and poignant, speaking

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