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The Best Online Guitar Lessons: TrueFire vs ArtistWorks

Introduction to Online Guitar Lessons

The guitar is an incredible instrument, sought after by many for its versatility and its ability to create beautiful melodies. It is an instrument that is enjoyed by musicians of all ages, from young children to experienced players.

However, learning the guitar can be a daunting task, especially for beginners who may not have any guidance. Fortunately, with the growth of online resources, self-teaching guitarists can now enjoy the benefits of online guitar lessons.

Difficulty of Learning Guitar Without Guidance

Learning guitar without guidance can be a challenge, especially for beginners. There is a wide range of information available online, but sifting through it can be overwhelming.

The lack of structure and guidance can lead to frustration, which often causes beginner guitarists to give up. Additionally, while YouTube tutorials may provide a quick solution, they do not offer the same level of depth and analysis that an online guitar lesson would.

Availability of Online Resources for Self-Taught Guitarists

Fortunately, there is a solution for those looking to learn the guitar without a teacher. Online guitar lessons have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing an excellent resource for self-teaching guitarists.

These lessons offer structured guidance and a step-by-step process, making it easier for beginners to learn at their own pace. The availability of online guitar lessons has made it easy for anyone to learn the guitar regardless of their location or schedule.

Registration & Prices


TrueFire is an online guitar lesson platform that offers a comprehensive range of lessons for guitarists of all levels. The registration process is simple and straightforward, requiring only a valid email address and password.

Once you have registered, you will have access to a vast library of lessons, covering a range of genres and playing styles.

TrueFire also offers a free trial, which provides access to selected lessons, giving you a taste of what the platform has to offer. The cost of

TrueFire varies depending on the subscription plan you choose. For example:

– The Basic Plan costs $19 per month, providing access to over 800 courses and 40,000 video lessons.

– The Pro Plan costs $29 per month, providing access to over 950 courses and 50,000 video lessons. – The Premium Plan costs $199 per annum, providing full access to all the courses and video lessons available on



ArtistWorks is another online guitar lesson platform that offers a wide range of courses for different levels of players. The registration process is free, and the platform offers a trial period of 30 days.

During the trial period, you will have full access to the courses, enabling you to explore the lessons and decide whether

ArtistWorks is the right platform for you. The cost of

ArtistWorks varies depending on the course or instructor you choose. For example:

– The Paul Gilbert Rock Guitar School costs $29.99 per month and provides access to all the Paul Gilbert guitar lessons.

– The Bryan Sutton Bluegrass Guitar School costs $29.99 per month, providing access to all the Bryan Sutton bluegrass guitar lessons. – The David Grisman’s Mandolin School costs $35 per month, providing access to all the David Grisman mandolin lessons.


Learning the guitar through online guitar lessons offers a range of benefits for self-teaching guitarists. The structured guidance and step-by-step process make the learning process more manageable for beginners, and the range of courses and instructors available on the platforms ensures access to diverse teaching styles and genres.

The availability of free trials and flexible payment plans makes online guitar lessons a cost-effective and practical way for anyone to learn the guitar. Content & Progression Systems


TrueFire offers a variety of content and progression systems that make it easier for students to learn. The platform has organized its content into Learning Paths, providing an easy-to-follow series of lessons that guide students through topics in a particular style, genre and skill level.

The Learning Paths are designed for different playing levels, ranging from beginners to advanced players, ensuring that the content is appropriate for any skill level. For those looking to learn specific skills or genres,

TrueFire also offers additional courses that address specific topics, such as songwriting, improvisation, and fingerpicking. Each course provides a deeper dive into the selected skill or genre, with instructors who are experts in their respective fields.



ArtistWorks has a similar structure to

TrueFire, its content and progression system are vast, making it a great choice for those interested in exploring various sub-genres in guitar playing. The platform offers over 500 different courses that cover various genres of music, ranging from rock and blues to jazz and classical.

ArtistWorks is an excellent resource for students looking for an in-depth study of a specific sub-genre, such as fingerstyle, bluegrass or flamenco. Each course on the platform has been designed and taught by world-class instructors, providing advanced play-along exercises, instructional videos, and a variety of practice materials.

Teaching Methods


TrueFire and

ArtistWorks offer feedback options, enabling both students and teachers to communicate during the learning process. The feedback process is critical for students as they work to improve and refine their playing, allowing them to practice with more precision and consistency.

TrueFire and

ArtistWorks also offer video submissions to facilitate the feedback process, enabling students to record and submit their playing for review. Instructors then use video comments and feedback, identifying areas that require improvement and offering suggestions on how to progress.

ArtistWorks has taken the teaching process to the next level by providing a video exchange library. This library is a tool that facilitates community feedback from other students on the platform, enabling students to share, compare, and comment on videos, offering a deeper level of interaction and engagement.

Both the instructor and the broader community contribute to the feedback process, advancing each student’s learning experience.


Online guitar lessons offer a cost-effective and flexible way for anyone to learn the guitar, and the benefits of online resources are evident with the rise of platforms like

TrueFire and


TrueFire’s progression system is well thought out, providing a structured approach that students follow from beginner to advanced levels. The platform’s additional courses address specific skills and genres, catering to individual preferences and providing advanced learning opportunities.

On the other hand,

ArtistWorks has an enormous catalog of courses and is a great choice for students looking to explore more sub-genres. Their feedback system is well-designed, enabling students to receive feedback from instructors and peers, which enriches the learning process.

Overall, both

TrueFire and

ArtistWorks offer quality content and teaching methods, and are excellent choices for those who prefer to learn guitar online.

TrueFire vs

ArtistWorks – Final Thoughts

Choosing the right platform for online guitar lessons that caters to your personal motivation is essential. Both

TrueFire and

ArtistWorks offer unique benefits that can propel your learning experience forward. The following sections outline the strengths of both platforms, enabling you to make an informed choice that works best for you.

Importance of Choosing a Platform That Works for Personal Motivation

Personal motivation is a key aspect of any learning experience. Guitar playing is no different from any other skill, and it is essential to find a platform that keeps you engaged and excited about the learning process.

TrueFire and

ArtistWorks offer different approaches to motivate students, and it is important to select the one that suits your learning style and preferences.

ArtistWorks’ Superiority for Multi-Instrumentalists and Added Value within Subscription

For multi-instrumentalists,

ArtistWorks is an excellent choice. The platform’s catalog of courses extends beyond guitar playing and includes lessons for various instruments such as drums, bass, mandolin, and banjo, among others.

This diversity makes it a great choice for anyone interested in pursuing other instruments in the future.

ArtistWorks also offers excellent value within their subscription model, providing access to a vast library of courses that go beyond guitar playing. This extra value makes

ArtistWorks a great investment for anyone serious about music education and exploration.

TrueFire’s Strength in Guitar and Bass Focus and Vast Selection of Courses

TrueFire has a strong focus on guitar and bass playing, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to sharpen their skills in these areas. The platform not only offers a vast range of courses for guitar and bass playing but also provides a variety of teaching methods and techniques that deepen your knowledge and understanding of guitar and bass playing.

TrueFire also boasts a huge selection of courses, catering to a broad range of teaching styles, genres, and skill levels. This variety ensures that no matter your guitar playing needs,

TrueFire has a course that is tailored to meet them. Choosing Between

TrueFire and


If you are a guitar and bass player interested in delving deeper into those areas,

TrueFire is the perfect platform. The platform offers a vast selection of courses that cater to various skill levels, genres and teaching methods.

TrueFire’s course structure is well-thought-out, with multiple courses available to students looking to explore specific genres and skills, making it an excellent choice for guitar and bass players striving to develop advanced skills in these areas. In contrast, if you aspire to learn multiple instruments besides guitar, then

ArtistWorks is the ideal platform. The added value within their subscription model enables students to explore various instruments, making it a better choice for multi-instrumentalists.

ArtistWorks’ community-driven approach ensures that students receive actionable feedback on their playing, making it a great choice for anyone who values community engagement.



TrueFire and

ArtistWorks have their strengths and offer excellent resources for anyone looking to learn the guitar online. Choosing between the two depends on personal motivation and preferences.

If you are interested in expanding into multiple instruments,

ArtistWorks can provide a versatile solution, whereas if you want to focus on guitar and bass playing,

TrueFire is the better choice. Regardless of your choice, both platforms offer an exceptional learning environment, catering to a variety of learners and skill levels.

In conclusion, online guitar lessons are a valuable and accessible resource for anyone looking to learn the guitar. Platforms such as

TrueFire and

ArtistWorks offer structured lessons, personal feedback, and a host of courses and genres, enabling students to learn at their own pace. It is important to choose a platform that matches your motivation and preference for styles of learning in order to have a fruitful experience.

TrueFire boasts a great selection of courses, with a strong focus on guitar and bass playing, making it ideal for students looking to develop advanced skills in these areas.

ArtistWorks offers multi-instrument courses and community-driven feedback, making it a better choice for those interested in exploring different musical instruments. By choosing the right platform, guitar learners can access world-class instruction and guidance, regardless of their location or schedule.

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