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Rising Stars in Country Music: The Young Male Singers Taking the Industry by Storm

Introduction to Young Male Country Singers

Country music has seen a rise in young male talent in recent years, both on the charts and in the hearts of fans. From the iconic voices of Blake Shelton and Keith Urban to the up-and-coming stars who are charting their paths in the genre, there is a vast array of young male country singers to choose from.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the young male country singers who are making waves in the industry.

Examples of Young Male Country Singers

Kane Brown is a country-pop artist who has skyrocketed to fame with his unique blend of genre-bending music. Brown has been making hits since he first began posting cover songs on Facebook in 2014, and his EP ‘Closer’ was released in 2015.

Two years later, Brown’s self-titled debut album made history by being the first album to top all five of Billboard’s main country charts simultaneously. Morgan Wallen is another rising star in the country music genre.

The artist caught his big break during his appearance on season six of The Voice and followed up with his debut album, ‘If I Know Me’, in 2018. Wallen’s signature raspy voice and relatable lyrics have earned him a place on the charts.

William Michael Morgan first entered the scene in 2016, with his debut album, “Vinyl.” Morgan’s traditional country sound has earned him a large and dedicated following since he first stepped onto the scene. His latest album, ‘Tonight Girl,’ has shown him expand on his sound and explore new subject matter.

Scotty McCreery won the tenth season of American Idol and since then has been consistently producing chart-topping singles with his unique voice. McCreery has a traditional country style that has made him popular among older and younger generations alike.

Marcus King is a blues-rock artist with a deep love for the country genre. King released his debut album “Soul Insight” when he was just 19 years old, showcasing his unique voice and bluesy guitar work.

His most recent album, “El Dorado,” is a more country-focused release that has drawn praise from genre legends. As the young male country singer pool grows, we can’t wait to see who else will rise to the top.

Other up-and-comers to keep an eye on in the genre include Payton Smith, Bailey Zimmerman, Ben Gallaher, and Mason Ramsey. No matter what style or subgenre of country you enjoy, there is a young male country singer making music that you’ll love.

3) Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen is a rising star in the country music industry. With a soulful voice and relatable lyrics, Wallen has made a name for himself as an artist to watch.

However, Wallen has recently come under scrutiny due to a controversial incident that occurred earlier this year. Nevertheless, Wallens success and popularity have not been hindered, as his music has continued to make waves on popular streaming platforms like Spotify.

But lets take a closer look at Wallens background and rise to fame. Wallen was born and raised in Sneedville, Tennessee, and grew up in a musical family.

His father played guitar and his mother was a singer, inspiring Wallen to pursue music himself. Wallen began singing and playing guitar at a young age and was quickly drawn to the country genre.

While growing up, Wallen was heavily influenced by artists like Eric Church, Garth Brooks, and Alan Jackson. Wallens musical talent soon caught the attention of record labels, and he signed his first publishing deal in 2015.

He then released his debut EP, Stand Alone, in 2016, which helped to establish him as one of the most promising up-and-coming artists in the genre. Wallens career has consistently gained momentum, with his tracks gaining massive popularity on streaming platforms like Spotify.

In 2018, he released the album If I Know Me, which includes hit songs like Whiskey Glasses and Up Down featuring Florida Georgia Line. The album is certified platinum and has been streamed billions of times across all platforms.

Despite Wallens continued success in the industry, he faced significant backlash earlier this year after being caught on camera using a derogatory racial slur. The incident led to Wallens music being pulled from many radio stations and his record label temporarily suspending him.

While the situation is still ongoing, Wallens music has continued to break streaming records. His album Dangerous: The Double Album was recently released and broke multiple Spotify records for the largest first-day and first-week album streams by a country artist.

4) William Michael Morgan

William Michael Morgan is a young male country singer who brings a classic country sound to the modern music scene. With his twangy voice and traditional country style, Morgan has been making a name for himself since he first entered the industry in 2016.

Morgans image and music are reminiscent of traditional country artists like George Strait and Alan Jackson. However, his most successful single, I Met A Girl, puts a fresh spin on the classic country love song.

The songs catchy chorus and heartfelt lyrics helped to skyrocket Morgan to fame overnight, and the single has since been certified Gold. Despite the success of I Met A Girl, Morgan has struggled to replicate that success with his follow-up releases and albums.

His debut album, Vinyl, released in 2016, earned critical acclaim for its traditional sound. However, it failed to produce any other major hits beside I Met A Girl.

Morgans subsequent releases, including the single Brokenhearted and his second album, Tonight Girl, failed to have a significant impact on the charts. Morgans lack of commercial success has left some wondering about his future in the industry, but many fans and critics still appreciate his traditional country sound.

In conclusion, Morgan Wallen and William Michael Morgan are two young male country singers who have gained attention in recent years for their unique and traditional styles. While Wallen has faced recent controversy, his music continues to break streaming records, and his future in the industry remains promising.

Morgan, on the other hand, has yet to see the same commercial success after his initial hit but still has a loyal following of fans who appreciate his classic country sound.

5) Scott McCreery

Scott McCreery is a country music artist known for his deep voice and traditional country sound. Born and raised in Garner, North Carolina, McCreery’s path to success began when he auditioned for the tenth season of American Idol in 2011.

Despite being only 17 years old at the time, McCreery impressed the judges and ended up winning the competition. Following his win on American Idol, McCreery released his debut album, Clear as Day, which featured hit singles like I Love You This Big and The Trouble with Girls.

The album quickly rose to the top of the charts and was certified platinum. McCreerys subsequent albums, including See You Tonight and Seasons Change, have continued to showcase his traditional sound while also exploring more modern elements of the country genre.

McCreerys music has garnered him numerous awards and nominations, including a CMT Music Award for Breakthrough Video of the Year and a BMI Country Award for Song of the Year. McCreerys success in the country music industry has solidified his place as a rising star in the genre.

His ability to blend traditional country sounds with modern elements has helped to attract a wide range of listeners and fans.

6) Marcus King

Marcus King is a young male country singer known for his unique blend of blues and country music. Kings soulful voice and guitar skills showcase his deep love for the roots of the genre.

Born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, King grew up in a musical family. Kings father, Marvin King, is also a musician and has played alongside artists like Dr. John and Warren Haynes.

Kings upbringing in a musical household fostered his love for music and influenced much of his sound today. Though King began his career in his teens playing in his fathers blues band, he began to transition into his own sound after moving to Nashville.

Kings solo career began to take off after the release of his album El Dorado in 2020. The album, produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, features Kings blues and country influences with a modern twist.

Since the release of El Dorado, King has continued to solidify his place in the country music industry with his unique sound. He has also collaborated with other artists in the genre, including Willie Nelson and Shooter Jennings.

Kings most recent album, Young Blood, was released in 2021 and features more of his signature blend of blues and country sounds. King continues to gain recognition and success for his unique approach to the genre, and many fans and critics are excited to see what hell create next.

7) Payton Smith

Payton Smith is a young male country singer-songwriter from Louisiana. Growing up, Smith was heavily influenced by traditional country artists like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and George Strait.

By the age of 15, Smith had already begun performing at local bars and honky-tonks. Smiths hard work paid off when he caught the attention of Graham Deloach, a member of the country group A Thousand Horses, who helped him record his first EP.

Smith released his debut single, Like I Knew You Would, in 2019 and quickly gained a devoted following. Smiths music is heavily influenced by traditional country sounds, yet incorporates modern elements.

His relatable lyrics and soulful voice have earned him acclaim in the country music industry. In 2021, Smith released his second EP, Heartbreak City, which showcases his signature sound and marks a new chapter in his career as a rising country singer.

8) Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman is a young male country singer who gained a following through social media. Born and raised in Texas, Zimmerman began singing and playing guitar at a young age.

He started sharing his music through his social media channels and quickly gained a following. Zimmermans first single, Never Comin Home, released in 2019, immediately gained traction.

The songs catchy chorus and relatable lyrics helped propel it to the top of the charts. His second single, Fall in Love, followed up with similar success.

Zimmermans most popular release is his single Rock and a Hard Place, which currently has over a million streams on Spotify. The song tells the story of a man trying to balance the demands of his love life and his job, a relatable struggle for many people.

In 2021, Zimmerman released his debut EP, My Own Frankenstein, which showcases his unique blend of traditional country and modern rock. The EP features six tracks that detail Zimmermans own struggles with love and life, earning him even more dedicated fans.

Zimmermans success in the country music industry shows the power of social media. His ability to connect with fans through online platforms helped him build a following before being signed to a record label.

With his unique sound and relatable lyrics, Zimmerman is poised to continue making waves in the country music scene.

9) Laine Hardy

Laine Hardy is a young male country singer known for his deep, soulful voice and classic country sound. Born and raised in Livingston, Louisiana, Hardy grew up listening to a wide range of country music artists, including Elvis Presley and Hank Williams Sr.

Hardys love for music began at a young age, as he learned to play guitar and sing with his grandfather.

As he grew older, he began performing at local venues and events, honing his skills and developing his own unique sound. In 2018, Hardy decided to audition for the sixteenth season of American Idol.

Despite initially not making it past the auditions, Hardy was brought back for the competitions Hollywood Week and continued to impress judges and audiences alike. Hardys performances of classic country hits, like Hurricane by Luke Combs and The Weight by The Band, showcased his immense talent and helped him stand out among the other competitors.

Hardy ended up winning the competition in 2019, solidifying his place in the country music industry. Following his win, Hardy released his debut single, Flame, which showcased his soulful voice and traditional country sound.

Hardys subsequent releases, including Ground I Grew Up On and Tiny Town, have also garnered success on country music charts. Hardys self-titled debut album, released in 2020, highlights his signature sound and features tracks like Let There Be Country and Here We Go Again.

The album solidified Hardys place in the country music industry and showcases his innate ability to blend traditional country sounds with more modern elements. In addition to his musical success, Hardy has also gained a dedicated following on social media.

His relatable personality and quirky sense of humor have endeared him to fans, and his social media presence has helped him connect with audiences in a more personal way. Overall, Laine Hardys success on American Idol and subsequent career in the country music industry showcase his immense talent and potential as a rising star in the genre.

With his signature sound and down-to-earth personality, Hardy is poised to continue making waves in the industry for years to come. In this article, we explored the rise of young male country singers in the music industry.

From Kane Brown and Morgan Wallen to Scotty McCreery and Laine Hardy, these artists have brought new sounds and styles to the country genre, reflecting both traditional and modern influences. We also examined the importance of social media in the success of young artists like Bailey Zimmerman, and we delved into the musical backgrounds and upbringings of artists like Marcus King and Payton Smith.

Overall, these emerging artists bring a fresh perspective to country music, and their hard work and dedication have helped them build a dedicated following of fans.

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