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Power Couple in EDM: The Inspiring Careers of Patrick and Hayley Topping

Patrick Topping and Hayley Topping are a power couple in the music industry, with both making impressive strides in their respective careers. In this article, we will delve into their careers and relationship, exploring their individual achievements and how they have supported each other along the way.

Patrick Topping’s Career and Relationship

Patrick Topping is a British DJ who has risen to international fame due to his unique blend of house, tech house, and techno music. He began his music career in 2012, and within a few years, he had caught the attention of several record labels.

In 2014, he released his breakthrough single, “Forget,” which was a chart-topping hit and put him on the radar of electronic music fans worldwide. Patrick’s rise to fame has been marked by his ability to curate impeccable mixes that leave his audience craving more.

He has played at some of the most popular music festivals worldwide, including Tomorrowland, Creamfields and Glastonbury. Patrick also holds a residency at the world-renowned club Motion at Digital in Newcastle.

One key factor in Patrick’s success is his wife Hayley. The two have been together since high school and have continued to support each other as they both pursue their passions.

Hayley is also an integral part of Patrick’s music career, providing vocals for some of his tracks and collaborating with him on live sets. Hayley Topping’s Music Career

Hayley Topping is an accomplished singer and songwriter who has released several successful tracks of her own.

She has collaborated with some of the biggest artists in the industry, including Gerd Janson, who remixed her track “New Reality” and played it on BBC Radio 1, earning it the title of ‘Hottest Record in the World.’

Hayley boasts over 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, making her one of the most listened-to artists in the electronic dance music scene. Her tracks are noted for their catchy hooks, danceable beats, and playful melodies.

In addition to her own music, Hayley is also involved in Patrick’s record label Trick. She is one of the label’s signees and has held a residency at one of the club nights there.

She is also regularly invited to perform alongside her husband at some of the world’s biggest musical festivals.

The Toppings

Patrick and Hayley’s relationship is as impressive as their individual careers. The couple’s chemistry is felt through their music and performances, as they often collaborate to bring their unique styles together.

Their secret to success could be in their unwavering support of each other, both personally and professionally.

The Toppings have also used their combined success to make a positive impact on their community. In 2019, they launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for a methadone clinic in their hometown of Newcastle.

The clinic provides support and treatment for people struggling with addiction, a cause that is close to the couple’s hearts.


Patrick and Hayley Topping are undoubtedly two of the most powerful figures in electronic dance music today. Their individual careers are impressive, but what sets them apart is their ability to work together seamlessly.

Their chemistry and support for each other have not only made them a successful couple, but also a force for good in the music industry. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the coming years.

Trick Label

Trick Label is a record label founded by Patrick Topping in 2018. As an accomplished producer and well-known DJ, Patrick has always been passionate about showcasing his versatility in electronic music.

Trick Label was born out of this passion, with the aim of providing a platform for artists to explore and showcase their unique styles.

The label has since released tracks from a range of talented artists, reflecting Patrick’s love for different types of music.

Trick Label has grown to become a celebrated platform in the electronic dance music scene, known for its top-quality releases and its ability to foster emerging talent. In addition to being a record label,

Trick Label also functions as an event management company.

The team behind the label has partnered with premiere promoters to put together some of the most exciting dance music events worldwide. From club nights to full-scale festivals,

Trick Label’s events are always well-organized, well-attended, and guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Patrick and his team have also taken advantage of social media platforms to promote

Trick Label’s merchandise. The label’s Instagram page has amassed over 100,000 followers, and they regularly share updates about their upcoming releases and events.

Trick Label merchandise includes t-shirts and hoodies, with designs that showcase the label’s unique identity. Patrick and Hayley’s Age and Shared Interests

Patrick and Hayley are both 32 years old, having been born in 1989.

Patrick was born on February 25, while Hayley was born on November 24. Although they are both still young, they have already achieved remarkable success in their careers.

One thing that Patrick and Hayley share is their love for dance music. Their passion for the genre is evident in the quality of their music, their performances, and their involvement in the industry.

The couple has even cited techno as their favorite type of dance music, with its raw energy and ability to transport the listener to a different world. Patrick and Hayley’s shared birthdays also provide them with the perfect opportunity to celebrate together.

The couple has been known to throw incredible birthday parties, often with friends from the music industry in attendance. In addition to parties, Patrick and Hayley also enjoy taking trips together to celebrate their special day.

The couple’s shared interests extend beyond dance music, with both being fans of Newcastle United Football Club. They have been spotted attending matches together, with Hayley even posting a photo on social media of Patrick sporting a Newcastle United jersey.


In conclusion,

Trick Label has established itself as a top-tier electronic dance music record label and event management company. Patrick Topping’s passion for exploring the different styles in electronic music is evident in the label’s releases and events.

Additionally, Patrick and Hayley Topping’s shared love for dance music has brought them even closer together, allowing them to showcase their talents both individually and as a couple. Their shared interests, including Newcastle United Football Club, demonstrate the depth of their connection.

All in all, the Toppings continue to inspire and entertain people across the globe with their infectious energy, talent, and unwavering support for each other.

Collaborations with Hot Creations Label

Patrick Topping has been an active contributor to the Hot Creations label since the inception of his music career. The label, founded by Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, is a globally recognized name in the electronic music industry.

Collaborating with the label has allowed Patrick to showcase his creative streak and musical versatility. In 2013, Patrick caught the attention of Jamie Jones with his track “Walk On.” This led to his first release on Hot Creations, “Any Amounts,” in 2014.

The track was an instant success and pushed Patrick into the limelight. Since then, Patrick’s collaboration with Hot Creations has been a fruitful partnership, with Patrick releasing several other tracks on Hot Creations, including “Boxed Off,” “Heat,” and “Tasty On The Cobbles.”

Patrick’s music production prowess and his personal connection with Jamie Jones have played a significant role in this partnership.

Jamie and Patrick have been good friends for years, and their close tie has been reflected in the music they have created together. Patrick has also been an active contributor to the Relief Records and Hottrax labels, both of which are subsidiaries of the Hot Creations brand.

The shared vision and passion of both Patrick and Jamie have led to a fruitful partnership and an excellent business relationship that has helped both parties grow and excel in their respective fields. In addition to Patrick’s individual contributions to the Hot Creations label,

Trick Label has also had success collaborating with the label.

In 2019,

Trick Label collaborated with Hot Creations to release “Stomp Change,” a track crafted by Patrick and Jamie Jones. The track was a hit, showcasing Patrick’s production skills and Jamie’s music production genius.

Collaborating with the Hot Creations label has allowed

Trick Label to take their music career to the next level and establish themselves in the global electronic music industry. Hot Creations’ success is evident in their social media following, with over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Their music has also been played on major radio stations such as BBC Radio 1, KISS, and Rinse FM. They have also partnered with some of the biggest event management companies to produce successful music events worldwide.

In conclusion, Patrick Topping’s collaboration with Hot Creations has been a fruitful partnership that has helped to elevate his status in the electronic music industry. With his creative streak and musical versatility, Patrick has consistently delivered quality music and contributed to the growth of the label.

His personal connection with Jamie Jones has also been instrumental in the success of their partnership. Additionally,

Trick Label’s collaboration with Hot Creations has provided them with a platform to showcase their unique identity and established them in the global electronic music industry.

The article has covered different aspects of Patrick and Hayley Topping’s career and personal life, including

Trick Label, their collaborations with Hot Creations, and shared interests. Patrick Topping’s music career showcases his versatility in electronic music, and his love for techno and house music.

Hayley Topping’s music career, on the other hand, reflects her deep-rooted passion for dance music, with her tracks known for their catchy hooks, danceable beats, and playful melodies.

The Toppings share a love for dance music, and they often celebrate their birthdays and special occasions together.

Their partnership with Hot Creations label has been instrumental in their success. Overall, the Toppings continue to inspire and entertain people worldwide with their infectious energy, talent, and unwavering support for each other, making them a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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