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New Edition: The Legendary Group’s Formation Discography and Achievements

Introduction to New Edition

New Edition is a legendary R&B group that hails from Boston, Massachusetts. Their music has defined the sound of R&B since their inception in the early 1980s, and their influence can still be felt today.

Their music can best be described as a mixture of the classic R&B sound of the Jackson 5 and the new jack swing sound that was popular in the late 80s and early 90s. Their songs ooze with soul and passion, and their harmonies are breathtaking.

In this article, we will go through the history of the band, including their formation, discography, and achievements. We will also discuss the various members who have come and gone from the group.

New Edition Band Members

Formation and Early Years

New Edition was formed in the late 1970s in Boston, Massachusetts. The group initially consisted of five members: Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, and Ronnie DeVoe.

The group had their first taste of success in 1983 with the release of their self-titled album, which included hits like “Cool It Now” and “Mr. Telephone Man.”

Membership Changes

After their initial success, the group suffered some changes, including the departure of Bobby Brown in 1986. He was replaced by Johnny Gill, who joined the group in 1987.

Gill’s addition to the group was a turning point for New Edition, and they released their best-selling album, “Heart Break,” which was a major success. Despite the lineup changes, the group continued to produce great music, with hits like “Can You Stand The Rain,” “If It Isn’t Love,” and “I’m Still In Love With You” becoming classics in their catalog.

Relationship Status

The members of New Edition have had a lot of ups and downs in their personal lives, including marriages, divorces, and children. Ricky Bell has been married to his wife, Amy Bell, for over 15 years, and they have three children together.

Michael Bivins is married to Teasha Bivins, and they have four children together. Bobby Brown has had a tumultuous personal life, including several marriages, and children with different partners.

Ralph Tresvant has been married to his wife, Amber Serrano, since 1993, and they have three children together. Ronnie DeVoe has been married to his wife, Shamari DeVoe, since 2006, and they have twin sons.

Johnny Gill has managed to keep his personal life private, and not much is known about his relationship status.

Discography and Achievements

New Edition has released several albums throughout their career, with their most popular ones being “Heart Break,” “All For Love,” and “Home Again.” They have won several accolades throughout their career, including two American Music Awards, a Soul Train Music Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They have also been inducted into the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame.


In conclusion, New Edition has left a lasting impact on R&B music, and their music will remain timeless for years to come. Despite the changes in the lineup and their personal lives, they have consistently produced great music that has touched the hearts of many.

Their influence can still be felt in modern-day R&B, with artists like Bruno Mars and Chris Brown paying homage to their sound. We hope that this article has been informative, and you have learned a few things about this legendary group.

New Edition Members’ Net Worth

New Edition has been one of the most successful R&B groups of all time, and their individual members have accumulated significant wealth. In this section, we will discuss the net worth of each group member and their contribution to that wealth.

Wealthiest Member and Net Worth Range

Michael Bivins is the wealthiest member of New Edition, with an estimated net worth of $40 million. He achieved his wealth through various business ventures, music production, and talent scouting.

Michael is the founder of Biv 10 Records and has produced music for Boyz II Men, Another Bad Creation, and 702.

The net worth of other New Edition members ranges from $10 million to $15 million.

Ralph Tresvant, Ronnie DeVoe, and Ricky Bell have all accumulated their wealth from music careers, solo projects, and real estate investments. Bobby Brown, despite his solo success, has a lower net worth than expected, which could be attributed to his numerous legal troubles and personal struggles.

Johnny Gill’s net worth stands at around $10 million, with his successful solo career being the main contributor.

Contribution to Wealth

New Edition was the group that launched the careers of several famous artists. The group members have all generated significant wealth from their solo projects and collaborations, with Michael Bivins leading the pack.

He, along with Ronnie DeVoe and Ricky Bell, formed the group Bell Biv DeVoe, which has sold over 5 million records worldwide. This supergroup helped him amass a significant portion of his wealth.

Ralph Tresvant has also done well for himself in his solo career with hits like “Sensitivity” and “Do What I Gotta Do.” He has also made his mark in acting with appearances in movies like “Sensitivity.”

Bobby Brown had great success as a solo artist with hits like “My Prerogative,” “Every Little Step,” and “Humpin’ Around.” However, his wealth has been affected by his legal troubles and personal struggles. Johnny Gill joined the group in the late ’80s and made significant contributions to their later albums.

He has also enjoyed successful solo careers and collaborations with high-profile acts like Stacy Lattisaw, Maze, and Anita Baker. Ronnie DeVoe and Ricky Bell had moderate success in their solo careers but are best known for their collaborations with Michael Bivins in Bell Biv DeVoe.

New Edition Members’ Kids

The New Edition members have been involved in several relationships, and as a result, have children. In this section, we will discuss the number of children each member has and their names.

Number of Children and Names

Ricky Bell has three children with his wife, Amy Correa Bell. Their first child is a daughter named Ajia Bella, born in 1990, followed by a son named Antonio, born in 1993.

Their youngest child is a daughter named Ashton, born in 1996. Michael Bivins has four children with his wife, Teasha Bivins.

Their eldest daughter is named Savannah, born in 1996, followed by another daughter, Shilah, born in 1999. They also have two sons, Michael Bivins Jr., born in 2003, and Caelan, born in 2006.

Bobby Brown has a total of seven children with four different women. His eldest son, Landon, was born in 1986, followed by La’Princia, born in 1989.

In 1992, he had a son named Bobby Brown Jr., and two years later, he had his daughter La’Princia Brown. In 2007, he had another daughter, named Bobbi Kristina Brown.

He also has two children with his current wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, a son named Cassius and a daughter named Bodhi. Ralph Tresvant has three children with his wife Amber Serrano.

Their names are Mariah, born in 1993, Na’Quelle, born in 1997, and Dakari, born in 1999. Ronnie DeVoe has twin boys with his wife, Shamari DeVoe.

Their names are Ronald and Roman, born in 2017. Johnny Gill has managed to keep his personal life private, and there is no public record of him having any children.

Fatherhood Details

The New Edition members have varied experiences with fatherhood. Ricky Bell has been vocal about his regret for not being present for his children due to his busy music career.

However, he has tried to make up for it by being a present father to his children in recent years. Michael Bivins has been commendable in his co-parenting efforts, having found success in raising his children with Teasha while maintaining a successful music career.

Bobby Brown has had a tumultuous relationship with his children, having to mourn the loss of two of them- his ex-wife’s son Landon and his former wife, Whitney Houston, and his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. Ralph Tresvant is known for his committed fatherhood, as he has been involved in his children’s lives from a young age.

Ronnie DeVoe has been vocal about his challenges as a first-time father and quickly learning the ropes of fatherhood with his sons. Overall, the New Edition members’ experiences with fatherhood have been varied, with some regretful and others content with their co-parenting and involvement in their children’s lives.

What Happened to the Members of New Edition?

Solo Careers

After the breakup of New Edition, the members pursued individual careers that were marked by varying degrees of success.

Bobby Brown had the most successful solo career among the members.

He became a household name with his hit “My Prerogative” and went on to release several successful albums and hit singles. Ralph Tresvant also had moderate success with his solo career and scored hits with “Sensitivity” and “Do What I Gotta Do.” He also found success in acting, with roles in movies like “Temptation” and “Barbershop Blues.”

Johnny Gill continued his music career with several successful solo albums, including “Provocative” and “Let’s Get the Mood Right.” He also collaborated with other artists, including fellow New Edition member Ralph Tresvant.

Ronnie DeVoe, Ricky Bell, and Michael Bivins continued to work together in Bell Biv DeVoe, which was formed in 1990 after New Edition’s breakup. The group achieved immense success with their debut album, “Poison,” which featured hits like “Do Me!” and the title track “Poison.”

Group Reunion

New Edition regrouped several times over the years for reunion tours and projects. They did multiple reunion tours in the 1990s, and in 2004, they released a successful album, “One Love.”

In recent years, New Edition has been active, performing at various festivals and events.

In 2016, New Edition was inducted into the BET Awards Lifetime Achievement Award, and all six members of the group performed together for the first time since 2005. In 2017, New Edition was one of the acts that performed at “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” hosted by Ryan Seacrest, which marked their return to national television.

The same year, they embarked on their “Legacy Tour,” which was a massive success.

Current Status of the Band

New Edition, after four decades in the music industry, has left a significant mark on the R&B genre and has a lasting legacy. Despite the ups and downs, the group remains an essential part of music history.

Today, the members of New Edition continue to be actively involved in their individual careers, and their contributions to music are well-acknowledged among fans and industry professionals. As for the future of New Edition, reunions and collaborations are always a possibility.

Fans look forward to any future endeavors of this legendary group.

In conclusion, the members of New Edition have had varied experiences in their solo careers and group reunions, but their music remains timeless and has left a lasting impact on the R&B genre.

As they continue to perform and create music, their legacy lives on. New Edition holds a prominent place in the music industry, having been responsible for numerous R&B hits and popularizing new jack swing.

Despite multiple lineup changes and personal struggles, the group’s members have achieved significant success in their solo careers and collaborations. Bell Biv DeVoe, formed by three New Edition members, achieved massive success with their debut album “Poison.” New Edition regrouped several times over the years for reunion tours and projects, and, in recent years, continues to impress audiences with their outstanding performances.

Their music and legacy remain timeless, and they have left an indelible mark on the genre.

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