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Master the Bass Guitar with These Top Online Lessons

Introduction to Online Bass Guitar Lessons

Many people dream of playing bass guitar, but few know how to do it properly. Without proper technique, playing bass can quickly become frustrating.

Fortunately, online bass guitar lessons can provide a solid foundation for aspiring musicians, from beginners to professionals.

In this article, we will discuss the evaluation criteria for online lesson platforms, as well as some of the best online bass lesson platforms available.

Each of these platforms has unique features and benefits, so we will delve into the primary keywords that describe what makes them stand out.

Importance of Taking Lessons

The first step to achieving mastery in any skill is having a solid foundation. A structured approach to learning bass guitar is essential to progress as a musician.

Online bass guitar lessons provide a more affordable and flexible way to learn this inseparable instrument, without the need to travel or buy various books. By taking online bass guitar lessons, you can improve your technical ability, enhance your musical knowledge, develop your own style, and most importantly, have fun doing it.

Proper technique is an essential aspect of playing bass guitar. Taking lessons from a qualified instructor can help you to develop and strengthen your bass techniques, including fretting, plucking, and playing with fingers or a pick.

Evaluation Criteria for Online Lesson Platforms

When considering which online bass lesson platforms are the best for you, there are a few essential features to look for. Keep in mind that the following criteria can help you identify whether or not the online lesson platform will be worth your time and money.

Fun and Diverse

Learning should be fun and engaging. To maintain your motivation and interest, the online lesson platform should provide the learner with diverse resources such as video lessons, play-along videos, backing tracks, and licks and riffs.

The platform should help the learner to stay motivated, engaged, and able to apply acquired knowledge to create their own music.

Ease of Use

The online lesson platform should be easy to navigate, especially for beginners, and offer beginner-friendly user interface design and experience. Additionally, it must provide accessible lesson materials, create a supportive community with other students, and offer effective practice tips for each lesson.

Best Online Bass Lesson Platforms

1. Skillshares Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners by Todd Porter – Best for Beginners

The Skillshares Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners course is perfect for those who want to learn the foundational skills of bass guitar playing.

Todd Porter is a professional bass instructor who provides clear voiceovers and music theory lessons that cover all the basic techniques of bass guitar playing.


JamPlay – Best For Beginners

JamPlay provides a vast library of high-quality video lessons designed for beginners. The videos are filmed by professional videographers, and they feature diverse music genres to help students learn various styles of music.

Additionally, the platform offers play-along videos, which can help you to practice playing bass guitar with actual music. 3.

Nathan East’s Artistworks – Best for Professional-level Instruction

Nathan East is a Grammy Award-winning session musician who has worked with many famous artists. This online lesson platform offers a music theory workshop series that covers everything you need to know to play bass guitar like a pro.

Nathan East provides personalized video feedback for each lesson. 4.

Ariane Cap’s Bass Fills & Thrills – Best for Composers

Ariane Cap is a renowned bass instructor who provides an ala carte lesson series that focuses on helping aspiring musicians to craft bass lines, improve fills and patterns, and enhance rhythmic diversity. This platform features comprehensive lessons on music theory, touching on topics such as chord progressions and steps, scales, and modes.

5. Yousician – Most Interactive Bass Lessons

Yousician uses gamification to help you learn bass guitar by using rolling tablature and microphone analysis for instant feedback.

With over 1,500 lessons, this platform features a comprehensive curriculum for bass players at any level of playing. 6.

Truefire – Best for Versatility

Truefire is a versatile online lesson platform that offers a broad range of lessons designed for bass guitar players at all levels. With an ala carte feature that allows you to tailor the lessons to your specific needs, Truefire provides a diverse range of music styles, including jazz, blues, rock, and metal.

7. Scotts Bass Lessons – Best Instructor Rapport

Scott’s Bass Lessons provides a supportive community and a vast library of free lessons on YouTube for anyone interested in learning how to play bass guitar.

The platform features interactive discussions and a broad curriculum that covers everything from basic techniques to advanced musical theory. 8.

Udemy’s The Professional Bass Masterclass – Best Value Bass Lesson Platform

Udemy offers the most comprehensive bass guitar lessons available at an affordable budget. The lessons cover everything from beginner to advanced playing, including fretting, plucking, rhythm and genre diversification, music theory, and even building your own music business.

9. Musika – Best Bass Lessons for 1:1 Instruction

Musika provides personalized, one-on-one lessons with a live teacher over a video chat.

With a focus on personalized instruction, students can interact with their instructor, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback to improve their playing and grow their confidence.


With these excellent online bass guitar lessons platforms, you can acquire the proper training that can help you become a confident, accomplished bass musician. Whatever your playing level, the features and benefits of each platform are designed to help you improve your bass playing technique and help you achieve your musical goals.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Online Bass Lessons

Choosing an online bass lesson platform can be overwhelming, especially with the vast array of options available. Several factors come into play when selecting the right online platform for your bass playing needs.

Here are a few key factors to consider when choosing online bass lessons.

Learning Style Preference

One critical factor to consider when selecting an online bass lesson platform is your learning style. Online lesson platforms offer different styles of structured learning that can cater to different learners.

Some people prefer hands-on instruction with personal attention from instructors, while others prefer the flexibility that self-paced instruction offers.

If you are a beginner, it may be best to opt for a more structured learning approach with specific topics, exercises, and assessments.

On the other hand, intermediate and advanced bass players will benefit from a more flexible approach, which allows them to pick and choose specific topics or focus on specific areas they want to improve on. Additionally, some platforms offer interactive student-teacher sessions where you can communicate with instructors and get personalized feedback on your playing.

Whereas, others provide a live forum where you can interact with other students and instructors. Ultimately, the goal is to find an online lesson platform that aligns with your learning preferences.

Desired Styles and Skills to Learn

When selecting an online bass lesson platform, you must consider the styles and skills you want to learn. If you are looking to become a well-rounded bass player, you can opt for a platform that covers various music genres.

However, if you aspire to play like a particular musician or focus on a specific musical style, it may be best to select a platform that caters to that specific genre. Its essential to choose an online lesson platform that offers a diverse range of music styles that aligns with your interests.

For instance, if you love jazz, you should select a platform that offers jazz bass lessons from experts in that genre. Additionally, its worth checking if the platform covers essential skills such as technique, music theory, and sight-reading.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Lessons

Now that you have found an online bass lesson platform that aligns with your learning style and covers your desired music styles and skills, how do you ensure you maximize your learning experience and progress? Here are some tips for getting the most out of your online bass lessons.

Firstly, it is vital to treat your online bass lesson as a critical appointment. If you approach your lesson with a serious and committed mindset, you are more likely to learn more and retain that knowledge.

It’s also important to show up to every lesson on time and with your equipment properly set up. Secondly, eliminate distractions during your lesson.

Find a quiet environment free from interruptions and turn off your phone and other electronic devices. This will keep you focused on the lesson, helping you to understand and internalize the concepts and tips that the instructor provides.

Finally, integrate the learned concepts and apply them in your bass playing. It’s not enough to watch a lesson and do nothing with it.

Apply what you’ve learned in your bass playing by practicing consistently and integrating the concepts in your playing style. In conclusion, online bass lessons can be an effective way to learn how to play bass guitar from anywhere around the world.

When selecting an online bass lesson platform, consider your learning style, desired styles and skills to learn, and apply tips to get the most out of each lesson. By considering these factors, you’re sure to select the platform that caters to your bass playing needs and helps you to achieve your musical goals.

Online bass guitar lessons offer a convenient way to learn and improve bass guitar skills. When selecting an online lesson platform, there are factors to consider, including your learning style preference, the desired styles and skills to learn, and tips for getting the most out of your lessons.

By selecting the right platform and applying these tips, you can achieve your musical goals and become a confident and accomplished bass musician. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that with discipline, consistent practice, and the right online lesson platform, anything is possible, including becoming a skilled bass guitarist.

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