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Love and Success in Hollywood: The Inspiring Story of Robinne Lee and Eric Hayes

Eric Hayes and Robinne Lee: A Power Couple in Hollywood

In Hollywood, it’s rare to find love that lasts, but actors Robinne Lee and Eric Hayes have defied the odds and have built both a successful marriage and career. Lee has made a name for herself through her acting and writing, while Hayes has established himself as a notable film producer and writer.

In this article, we’ll dive into their personal and professional lives, and explore the incredible accomplishments they’ve made in their respective crafts. Robinne Lee’s Acting and Writing Career

Since the late 90s, Lee has had a thriving career in the entertainment industry.

Some of her most notable acting roles include the films Hav Plenty, Deliver Us From Eva, and the widely popular Fifty Shades Darker. Lee isn’t just an accomplished actress though; she’s also an incredibly talented writer.

In 2018, she published her debut novel The Idea of You, which quickly became a New York Times bestseller. The novel follows the story of a 39-year-old woman who falls in love with a young pop star, and explores various complex themes about ageism and gender norms.

Lee’s story captured the hearts of readers and cemented her as a multi-talented creator in the entertainment industry. Eric Hayes’ Film Producing and Writing Career

Hayes has always been fascinated with philosophy, which led him to pursue a degree in the subject at Yale University.

But he eventually found his true calling in the world of entertainment. He worked at Andell Entertainment and eventually launched his own content platform, Embershoot.

Hayes has also been heavily involved in film producing and has a few notable credits under his belt, including the films This Is Not a Test, State of Play, and Echo Park. Hayes’ talent for bringing captivating stories to life has made him a valuable figure in the entertainment industry.

Robinne Lee and Eric Hayes’ Marriage and Family Life

Lee and Hayes’ love story began in the early 2000s when they met through a mutual friend. After several years of dating, they tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in 2008.

They now have two children together, a son named Dex and a daughter named Arabella. Their third child, Remy Blue, was born in 2020.

Despite the hectic nature of their careers, the couple has managed to balance it all while prioritizing their family. Eric Hayes’ Professional Accomplishments

As mentioned, Hayes has had quite an impressive career in the entertainment industry.

His Ivy League education laid the foundation for his analytical and intellectual approach to storytelling. He previously worked at Cast It Systems, a website where actors can upload their audition tapes.

In 2016, he launched Embershoot, which focuses on creating content that centers on marginalized communities. His latest work involves executively producing the film The Subversions of Ana X, which follows the life of a transgender woman who becomes a vigilante to bring justice to her community.


Eric Hayes and Robinne Lee have proven to be successful both culturally and personally. They’ve built a family and career that have seen them overcome several obstacles within the industry.

It’s clear that their success is linked to their hard work and dedication. Their passion for creating captivating stories and building a family is inspiring.

It’s a story that reminds us that anything is possible with determination and support. As both continue to evolve, we can only anticipate more groundbreaking work from both Robinne Lee and Eric Hayes.

Robinne Lee and Eric Hayes: A Family of Four and Their Love for Social Media

Robinne Lee and Eric Hayes have been happily married for over a decade and have built a beautiful family together. While balancing busy careers in the entertainment industry, they’ve managed to create a warm, loving home for their family of four.

In this article, we’ll explore the milestones of their marriage and family life, dive into their love for their children and pet dog, and explore their social media presence. Robinne Lee and Eric Hayes’ Marriage and Family Life Milestones

Lee and Hayes have been married for over 12 years, and each wedding anniversary they celebrate is a testament to their love for one another.

They often take to social media to share heartfelt messages with each other, and their fans. Lee’s Instagram account is verified and has around 70,000 followers, while Hayes’ account has around 3,000 followers.

Both of them share snippets of their personal lives on their respective accounts, allowing their fans to see a glimpse of their life off-screen.

Robinne Lee and Eric Hayes’ Children

The couple has two beautiful children, a son named Dex and a daughter named Arabella.

Their kids are very important to them, and they often take to social media to share pictures and stories about their family life. As their children grow into teenagers, Lee and Hayes have shared how they maintain a loving and supportive relationship with them.

They are constantly reminding their children that they are loved unconditionally, no matter their age or what they do in life.

Robinne Lee and Eric Hayes’ Pet Dog

The couple shares a close bond with their pet dog, an F1 Cavapoo named Remy Blue.

The adorable pup has become somewhat of a social media star, with his own Instagram account that boasts over 3,000 followers. Remy Blue can often be seen accompanying the family on trips, and providing comfort to them after a long day of work.

Hayes has shared how the pup has brought so much joy and love into their lives, and they couldn’t imagine their family without him. Eric Hayes’ Presence on Social Media

Hayes has an Instagram account under the handle ek_hayes, where he shares his love for nature and promotional events for his latest projects.

With over 3,000 followers, he often posts pictures of him in front of scenic backdrops, reminding us of the beauty of the world. He also shares promotional posts about his work, which gives fans a glimpse of what he’s currently working on.

His posts are both personal and professional, allowing his followers to see a different side to him.

Robinne Lee’s Presence on Social Media

Lee’s verified Instagram account has around 70,000 followers, and she often shares her love for fashion, travel, and her family.

Her account provides a behind-the-scenes look at her life and career, giving her fans a glimpse into the everyday life of a Hollywood actress. She is often seen wearing stylish outfits, sharing photos of her travels around the world, and showcasing her love for her family.

Her account is a true representation of her genuine and warm personality.


Robinne Lee and Eric Hayes are a family of four who have built a remarkable life together. With their busy careers in the entertainment industry, they still manage to remain connected with their fans on their social media accounts while maintaining a strong love for their family.

Their love for sharing snippets of their lives with their fans is a testament to their warmth and kindness. As they continue to evolve in their careers, we can only expect more love and inspiration from them.

In conclusion, Robinne Lee and Eric Hayes are a power couple who have achieved great success in both their personal and professional lives. They’ve built a strong marriage, raised a beautiful family, and maintained a presence on social media that allows them to connect with their fans.

Their resilience and dedication have certainly paid off, inspiring many who follow in their footsteps. Their ability to balance success with family and personal lives is certainly worth admiration, and we can all learn from their remarkable story.

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