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Invent Animate: The Heavy-Hitting Band Taking Over Progressive Metalcore

Invent Animate: The Band that Brings Progressive Metalcore to the Forefront

When it comes to progressive metalcore bands, Invent Animate is a name that should not be missed. Founded in 2011 in Port Neches, Texas, this band has made a significant impact in the music industry over the years.

With their heavy and intricate sounds, Invent Animate has captivated audiences worldwide. In this article, we will delve into the formation and success of the band, their releases, and their label, as well as introduce you to the band members.

Formation and Genre

Invent Animate started as a group of high school friends who shared a love for music. Initially, they played shows to their fellow students, but as they grew more confident, the band gained attention in the local music scene.

Invent Animate’s music is a blend of progressive metalcore and djent. Djent is a sub-genre of progressive metal that emphasizes heavily distorted, palm-muted guitar chords with complex meter changes.

Success and Record Releases

Invent Animate released their debut EP, “Waves,” in 2012, which garnered positive reviews from both fans and critics. A year later, in 2013, they released their first full-length album, “Native Intellect,” under Tragic Hero Records.

“The Sun Sleeps” followed in 2014, while “Everchanger” was released in 2014. In 2016, the band released “Stillworld” under the label UNFD, which was a commercial success and reached the 105th spot on the Billboard charts.

Their latest album, “Greyview,” released in 2020, showcased the band’s maturation in sound while delivering another heavy and melodic offering.

Label and Band Members

Invent Animate’s affiliation with Tragic Hero Records and UNFD has helped propel their career by providing the necessary marketing and distribution support. Tragic Hero Records has a reputation for supporting hardcore and progressive metal bands and remains a trusted label within the community.

UNFD is an Australian-based label that has worked with some of the most influential bands in the metalcore scene.

The band has undergone changes in their makeup over the years, with Keaton Goldwire and Caleb Sherraden switching roles at one point.

The current members of Invent Animate are Trey Celaya on drums, Keaton Goldwire on guitar, Caleb Sherraden on bass, and Marcus Vik as the lead vocalist. Previous band members include Logan Forrest on bass, Travis Montgomery on guitar, and Ben English on vocals.

Invent Animate Band Members

Trey Celaya, the drummer, guitar player and backing vocalist, has been with the band since its inception. He has been praised for his technical skill and his ability to blend heavy drumming with intricate guitar work.

Trey is also a member of the band Fit for a King, where he plays guitar. Keaton Goldwire is the lead guitarist of Invent Animate.

Keaton and Caleb are siblings, and they joined the band at around the same time. He is known for his proficiency in guitar playing and his ability to create complex melodies that bring the band’s music to life.

Keaton’s playing is often complemented by his brother, Caleb, on bass.

Caleb Sherraden, the bassist, joined the band after their previous bassist, Logan Forrest, left.

Caleb has been described as the captain of Invent Animate, with his introverted personality providing a calming influence upon the other members. Caleb is also known as Kleb and has played multiple instruments in the past, such as guitar and drums.

Finally, Marcus Vik is the lead vocalist of Invent Animate. Marcus joined the band in 2017, replacing Ben English.

He is of Swedish nationality and was a member of the band Aviana before joining Invent Animate. Marcus is known for his powerful and emotional vocals, which perfectly complement the band’s heavily distorted guitar sounds.

In Conclusion

Invent Animate’s music has captivated music lovers globally, with their progressive metalcore and djent sounds setting them apart from the rest. The combination of technical skills, complex melodies, and powerful vocals have resulted in numerous successful releases, with their latest album, “Greyview,” being a testament to the band’s evolution in sound.

Invent Animate has received acclaim for their musicianship and has been supported by labels like Tragic Hero Records and UNFD. The band members have undergone some changes, with the current lineup consisting of Trey Celaya, Keaton Goldwire, Caleb Sherraden, and Marcus Vik, each of whom brings their own unique style and personality to the music.

Invent Animate holds a bright future in the music industry and is a band that fans of metalcore and progressive metal should keep their eyes on. As Invent Animates fanbase continues to grow, so does their merchandise line.

From vinyl and CDs to clothing and bundles, there is something for fans of all ages and tastes. In this article expansion, we will delve into Invent Animates range of merchandise offerings.

Vinyl & CDs

With each new album release, Invent Animate fans eagerly await the chance to add the latest vinyl or CD to their collection. The band offers a variety of merchandise options for their fans, including limited edition pressings of their albums.

Some of the standout options include the Greyview Test Pressing, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the album-making process, the Greyview Vinyl Hollow Light Variant, which is a stunning translucent light blue vinyl, the Stillworld Vinyl Solace Variant, which is a milky clear and black variant, and the Everchanger Vinyl Luna Variant, which is an eerie black and white swirl. In addition to standalone vinyl and CD options, Invent Animate also offers bundle deals that provide extra value for fans.

The Stillworld Vinyl + CD Bundle includes the vinyl, CD, and a sticker pack, while the Everchanger Both Vinyl + Wall Flag Bundle offers both the Luna and Aurora variants of the album on vinyl, as well as a highly sought-after wall flag.


Invent Animate offers a selection of clothing that ranges from subtle band logos to eye-catching designs. One popular option is the Wolf Profile Black Tank, which features a wolf head design on the front and the Invent Animate logo on the back.

The Greyview Cloud Cascade Longsleeve is another standout item, which displays an intricate cloud design on the sleeves alongside the albums title. The Buffalo Shirt is a nod to the bands Texan roots, featuring a buffalo illustration with the states silhouette in the background.


For fans who want the full Invent Animate experience, the band offers bundled merchandise deals that provide significant savings. The Greyview Vinyl Nova Variant + Hoodie Bundle includes the stunning translucent purple double LP variant of the album, as well as a matching hoodie with the album artwork on the back.

The Stillworld CD + Bundle consists of the CD, a t-shirt, and a tote bag. These bundles provide value for fans who want to get the most out of their purchase.

Former Band Members

Invent Animate has gone through some lineup changes over the years, with Cody Graham, Logan Forrest, and Ben English having all played important roles in the band’s early years. Cody Graham was the band’s guitarist in their debut year, appearing on their first EP, “Waves.” Logan Forrest played guitar for Invent Animate until 2015, contributing to the band’s first two full-length albums, “Native Intellect” and “The Sun Sleeps.” Ben English was one of the founding members of the band and acted as the lead vocalist before being replaced by Marcus Vik in 2017.

In Conclusion

As Invent Animate continues to grow in popularity, their merchandise offerings remain essential for fans to showcase their support for the band. With vinyl and CD pressings, clothing options, and bundle deals available, there are various ways for fans to engage with the band and expand their collections.

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