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From NKOTB to Chicago: Exploring the Ageless Iconic Bands

Introduction to NKOTB

Since the late 80s, NKOTB, also known as the New Kids on the Block, have been entertaining their fans with their catchy tunes and exciting performances. This boy band consists of five members, namely Jordan Knight,

Joey McIntyre,

Donnie Wahlberg,

Danny Wood, and Jonathan Knight.

They have garnered a significant amount of commercial success, selling over 80 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. In this article, we will delve into the history and achievements of NKOTB, introduce the band members, and highlight their most popular songs.

Band Members and Ages

Jordan Knight, the lead vocalist, was born on May 17, 1970, in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is currently 51 years old and is the younger brother of Jonathan Knight.

Joey McIntyre, the youngest member of the group, was born on December 31, 1972, in Needham, Massachusetts. He is 48 years old and has had an impressive career as a solo artist, releasing albums and starring in films, television shows, and Broadway productions.

Donnie Wahlberg, one of the band’s founding members, was born on August 17, 1969, in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He is 52 years old and has played a significant role in the group’s success as a singer, songwriter, and actor.

Danny Wood, born on May 14, 1969, in Boston, Massachusetts, is 52 years old. He has also had a successful solo career, releasing albums and popular singles.

Jonathan Knight, the eldest member of the group, was born on November 29, 1968, in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is 53 years old and is known for his songwriting and vocals.

After retiring from music in the mid-2000s, he made a comeback with NKOTB in 2008 and has been touring with the band since.

History and Achievements

NKOTB formed in 1984 in Boston, Massachusetts, with

Donnie Wahlberg as the founding member. The band was initially called Nynuk, but they later changed their name to New Kids on The Block.

They released their first album in 1986, which was a commercial failure. However, their second album, Hangin’ Tough, released in 1988, was a massive success, selling over 14 million copies worldwide.

Hits from the album include You Got It, Step By Step, and Please Don’t Go Girl. Since then, NKOTB has released several albums, including Merry, Merry Christmas (1989), No More Games/The Remix Album (1990), Face The Music (1994), and The Block (2008).

They have collaborated with other musicians and bands, such as Salt-N-Pepa, Boyz II Men, and Backstreet Boys. NKOTB has also been nominated for and won several awards, including an American Music Award, multiple Kids’ Choice Awards, and two MTV Video Music Awards.

NKOTB’s achievements have influenced and inspired other boy bands such as Backstreet Boys, Take That, and NSYNC. In 2014, they were awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in recognition of their contribution to the music industry.

Reunion and Popular Songs

After disbanding in 1994, NKOTB made a comeback in 2008, much to the excitement of their fans. The group released their album, The Block, the same year and embarked on a world tour.

In 2011, they released another album, titled 10. Since then, NKOTB has continued to release music and tour worldwide.

Some of their most popular songs include the aforementioned You Got It, Step By Step, and Please Don’t Go Girl. Other hits include Summertime, Tonight, and I’ll Be Loving You.

These songs are known for their catchy tunes, upbeat rhythms, and relatable lyrics.

NKOTB Original Members

Jordan Knight

Jordan Knight is one of the most recognized faces of NKOTB. He has had a successful solo career, releasing albums such as Jordan Knight (1999) and Love Songs (2006).

His hit single Give It To You reached No.10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1999. His music is a mix of R&B and pop, and he continues to create new music for his fans.

Joey McIntyre

Joey McIntyre has had an impressive career as a solo artist, releasing successful albums such as Stay the Same (1999) and 8:09 (2011). He starred in the television series Boston Public (2000-2004), and he also performed on Broadway, playing the lead role in shows such as Wicked and Waitress.

Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg has had an extensive acting career, starring in films such as The Sixth Sense (1999) and TV series such as Blue Bloods (2010-2021). He has also released music as a solo artist, including his debut album, The Sixth Sense (1999), and in collaboration with other artists.

Wahlberg is also renowned for his philanthropic work, including founding the charity organization, the

Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg was initially a member of the group but left after a few months due to personal differences. He went on to pursue an acting career and has since starred in several blockbuster movies, including Transformers (2014) and The Fighter (2010).

However, he still remains associated with the band and helps with their management.

Danny Wood

Danny Wood is not only a singer but also a songwriter and choreographer. He has had a successful solo career, releasing albums such as Second Face (2003) and Look At Me (2016).

Wood has also contributed to writing several of NKOTB’s hit songs, such as Hangin’ Tough and Step By Step.


NKOTB has been a prominent figure in the music industry for over three decades, entertaining their fans with their catchy tunes, electrifying performances, and incredible talent. Their success has influenced and inspired other boy bands, and they continue to release new music and tour worldwide.

With their memorable hits and iconic performances, NKOTB remains an iconic band in the hearts of many.

NKOTB Lead Singer

Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight, born on May 17, 1970, in Worcester, Massachusetts, is a founding member and the de facto leader of NKOTB. Knight’s talent for singing and songwriting is evident in the band’s discography, with him often taking on the role of lead vocals for their most popular songs.

Knight’s journey through the music industry has been both successful and tumultuous, which makes his story all the more captivating. Knight started his music career with NKOTB when he was just 14 years old.

Along with his brother, Jonathan Knight,

Donnie Wahlberg,

Joey McIntyre, and

Danny Wood, they formed the group in 1984 under the tutelage of their producer, Maurice Starr. NKOTB’s debut album in 1986 didn’t perform well, but their second album, Hangin’ Tough, which was released in 1988, shot them to stardom.

The album’s hits, such as Please Don’t Go Girl and You Got It, established the band as one of the most popular boy bands of the late 80s and early 90s. Knight’s popularity as the lead singer of the band played a significant role in NKOTB’s success.

However, despite his success, Knight’s time in the band was not without its struggles. The height of the band’s fame saw Knight suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, which ultimately led to his departure from NKOTB in 1994.

After leaving NKOTB, Knight pursued a solo career in music in 1999. His eponymous debut album was well-received, featuring his hit single, Give It To You, which peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart that year.

Knight released further albums, and his solo career helped him gain a new fan base. However, despite his flourishing solo career, Knight felt unfulfilled and felt the pull to return


In 2008, NKOTB announced a reunion tour, and Knight rejoined his bandmates. Knight’s return to the group was met with immense excitement from the band’s fans, and the tour was a huge success.

Since then, Knight has been touring and recording with the band, releasing albums such as The Block (2008) and 10 (2011). Knight’s contribution

to NKOTB’s success is undeniable, and despite his struggles, he has continued to pursue his passion for music.

His story is a reminder of the challenges that celebrities and musicians often face and their resilience in overcoming these difficulties.

NKOTB Then and Now

NKOTB’s early years saw them as mere teenagers, trying to make it big in the music industry. Despite their age, the band’s members showed immense talent and dedication, which propelled them to the top of the charts in the late 80s and early 90s.

The band’s lineup consisted of the five original members, including

Mark Wahlberg, who left the group after several months due to personal differences. In the years following their break-up in 1994, the band members pursued their careers individually.

Joey McIntyre,

Donnie Wahlberg, and Jordan Knight released solo albums, while

Danny Wood created his production company, Damaged Street. However, their solo careers didn’t reach the same level of popularity as they had experienced during their time with NKOTB.

Despite the challenges, NKOTB reunited in 2008, and their comeback tour was a massive success. The band also released new music, including their album, The Block, which featured collaborations with other popular artists.

The band’s reunion reignited their popularity and helped them gain new fans. Today, NKOTB remains active, releasing new music and touring worldwide.

Their fan base continues to grow, with their nostalgic impact on those who grew up listening to their music. In conclusion, NKOTB’s story is a tale of resilience, dedication, and the challenges that come with fame.

Despite the ups and downs, the band has managed to remain at the forefront of the music industry, inspiring a new generation of musicians and fans alike. Their music continues to bring joy and entertainment to millions, and for that, they will always have a place in the hearts of their loyal fans.

NKOTB Songs and Albums

NKOTB has released an array of hit songs and multi-platinum albums over their three-decade-long career. From their debut album in 1986 to their most recent one in 2013, the band’s music has touched the hearts and rocked the dance floors of their fans worldwide.

Below are some of their most popular tracks and collections that have cemented their place in music history. Be My Girl (1986) – This upbeat track was the second single from their debut self-titled album, New Kids on the Block.

It features the group’s signature harmonies and catchy hooks and was a hit among their fans. Stop It Girl (1986) – Another track from their debut album, Stop It Girl features a synthesized dance-pop sound that was popular at the time.

It’s a fun, lighthearted song that showcased the group’s vocal range. Please Don’t Go Girl (1988) – This song was a hit among their fans during their Hangin’ Tough album in 1988.

The track’s melodic and slow tempo highlighted Jordan Knight’s velvety vocals and showcased the band’s softer side. Hangin’ Tough (1988) – The title track from the group’s second album, Hangin’ Tough, was one of their most successful songs.

Its bold and assertive sound and dynamic vocals made it an instant classic. Merry, Merry Christmas (1989) – This holiday-themed album by NKOTB featured their takes on classic Christmas renditions such as Little Drummer Boy and This One’s For the Children.

It was the band’s fifth studio album and was released during their prime. Step by Step (1990) – Another massive hit, this song from the Step by Step album features distinct pop beats, hip-hop influences, and a catchy chorus that were typical of the early 90s pop scene.

Face the Music (1994) – The band’s last studio album before their temporary break-up, Face the Music, was a critical and commercial disappointment. Despite that, the album gave us tracks like Dirty Dawg and Never Let You Go that showcase the group’s diverse style.

The Block (2008) – NKOTB’s comeback album saw them collaborate with notable artists such as Akon, Ne-Yo, and Lady Gaga. It was a testament to the band’s longevity and versatility in an ever-changing music industry.

10 (2013) – This album came five years after The Block and features their hit single Remix (I Like The). The album showcases a more mature sound from the group, and it received positive reviews overall.

NKOTB Tour Dates 2023

NKOTB has announced tour dates for 2023, and their loyal fans couldn’t be more excited. The tour, dubbed “The Mixtape Tour 2023,” is set to kick off on May 2, 2023, in Rosemont, Illinois, and will run through to September 3, 2023.

Some of the other locations include Highland, Yaamava Resort & Casino in Durant, Oklahoma, Des Moines, and the Walker Cay in the Bahamas. Fans attending the concerts can expect a lively and upbeat performance, filled with their favorite NKOTB hits.

The tour is set to feature performances from other notable acts such as En Vogue, Salt-N-Pepa, and Rick Astley. The group’s fans attending the concert will also be excited about the merchandise available, including a new line of tees, bags, and hoodies.

The group will also host Blockcon, a fan-focused event that will take place alongside their tour. The event will provide fans with an opportunity to connect with the band, participate in exclusive events and see exclusive merchandise.


NKOTB is a symbol of resilience, dedication, and longevity in the music industry. Their music continues to inspire and entertain millions of fans worldwide, and their upcoming tour is sure to be a highlight of the year for those who love their music.

The variety and quality of their music, coupled with their ability to connect with and inspire their fans, place them among the most iconic bands in music history. With more than three decades in the limelight, NKOTB is one band that continues to stand the test of time.

Chicago Band Members Ages and Names

Chicago, the American rock band, was formed in 1967, originally known as the Chicago Transit Authority. The band’s initial lineup consisted of seven members, including Robert Lamm, Peter Cetera, Terry Kath, James Pankow, Lee Loughnane, Walter Parazaider, and Danny Seraphine.

They quickly gained popularity with their unique sound, incorporating a horn section into their music. The band’s popularity led to numerous awards and accolades, including their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

Below is an overview of the current members of Chicago, along with their names and ages. Robert Lamm – Born on October 13, 1944, in Brooklyn, New York, Robert Lamm is one of the original founding members of the band.

He plays keyboards and is known for his songwriting contributions. Lamm is currently 77 years old and still plays an active role in the band.

Lee Loughnane – Born on October 21, 1946, in Elmwood Park, Illinois, Lee Loughnane is another founding member of the band. He plays trumpet and has been an integral part of the

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