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From Hogwarts to the MMA Cage: The Unconventional Journey of Josh Herdman

Josh Herdman: From Harry Potter to MMA Fighting

When it comes to child actors, there is often a question of what happens to them once their breakout role is over. For Josh Herdman, best known for his role as Gregory Goyle in the Harry Potter series, his career has taken an interesting turn.

In this article, we will explore Josh Herdman’s early career, his role in Harry Potter, and his current acting pursuits.

Early Start in Acting

Josh Herdman was born in Hampton, London in 1987. He showed an early interest in acting and attended the Redroofs Theatre School in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

He made his acting debut in the 1998 British television movie, The English Patient, but it wasn’t until 2001 that he got his big break.

Role in Harry Potter Series

Herdman was cast as Gregory Goyle, one of the loyal followers of antagonist Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series. He appeared in all eight Harry Potter movies, from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Herdman’s performance as Goyle was praised for its subtle humor and his ability to bring depth to a minor character.

Other Acting Credits

In addition to his role in the Harry Potter series, Josh Herdman has appeared in a number of British television shows, including The Bill, The Estate Agents, and Casualty. His film credits include Robin Hood, a 2010 movie directed by Ridley Scott.

However, Herdman’s most recent and surprising career move has been in MMA fighting. Herdman has always been interested in martial arts, and in 2016 he made his professional debut as a mixed martial artist.

He has stated that his passion for MMA comes from the discipline and focus required to compete, values he learned from his time in acting. Herdman has a perfect 3-0 record in MMA and continues to train and compete while still pursuing acting projects.

Jessica Worth: Crafting a Career in Fashion Journalism

Jessica Worth is a British journalist and editor who has made a name for herself in the world of fashion journalism. In this article, we will explore Worth’s education and early career, as well as her freelance and full-time positions in the industry.

Education and Internships

Jessica Worth attended Wakefield Girls’ High School before graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with a degree in fashion communication. During her time in college, Worth interned at Nails Inc and Alexander McQueen, where she gained valuable experience in the fashion industry.

Freelance and Full-Time Positions

After graduating from college, Worth started working as a freelance fashion journalist, writing for publications such as Arena Homme+ and Pop magazine. Her work caught the eye of Victoria Beckham’s team, and Worth was hired as the fashion features editor for the designer’s website.

During this time, Worth also contributed to publications such as The Sunday Times and Vogue Italia. Worth eventually moved on to become the deputy editor of Anothermag.com, a popular fashion and culture website.

In this position, Worth oversaw the site’s content and helped to build its profile in the industry. Today, Worth is the editor of SHOWstudio’s fashion department, a position she has held since 2020.

SHOWstudio is a multi-award-winning fashion website that features news, interviews, and behind-the-scenes access to the industry. Worth’s role involves managing a team of writers and contributors, as well as overseeing the content for the site’s fashion section.

In conclusion, Jessica Worth’s career in fashion journalism is a testament to the importance of hard work, education, and internships. Worth’s dedication to her craft and her willingness to take risks in her career have led her to become one of the most respected voices in the industry today.

Josh Herdman and Jessica Worth: A Private Married Life

Josh Herdman and Jessica Worth may have separate careers in the entertainment industry, but their personal lives are intertwined as they are married. In this article, we will explore the couple’s private relationship, their wedding, and their growing family.

Private Relationship and Wedding

Josh Herdman and Jessica Worth prefer to keep their relationship out of the public eye. The couple keeps their romantic life discreet, and details on their wedding are scarce.

It is unclear when and where the wedding took place as the couple prefers to keep their private life private. Despite being tight-lipped about their wedding, the couple has made it known that they have been together for several years.

Worth has shared a few glimpses of their relationship on social media, including photos of Herdman with their children. However, they only rarely share personal details about their lives.


Josh Herdman and Jessica Worth are proud parents of two sons. Though the couple keeps their private life a secret, they couldn’t help but share glimpses into their lives as parents.

On Father’s Day, Worth shared a picture of Herdman with their sons, captioning it with a sweet message. The couple seems to cherish their roles as parents, and their sons have brought them closer together as they navigate parenthood.

Despite having children, Josh Herdman and Jessica Worth still manage to balance their busy careers with their family life. Josh Herdman’s Family Background

Josh Herdman’s acting career may have brought him fame, but his family history is just as interesting.

Herdman grew up in a family of athletes and entertainers.

Herdman’s father, Micky, was a well-known rugby league player in the United Kingdom before he pursued a career in acting.

He is best known for his role as Gary Mallett in the popular TV series Coronation Street. Micky’s athletic background also led him to become a boxing champion, winning several titles in his prime.

Herdman is close to his father and often posts about him on social media, including photos from his boxing matches. It is clear that Micky’s athletic achievements have helped to shape his son’s interest in martial arts.

On the other hand, Herdman’s mother’s identity remains unknown, with no information available about her. Despite this, Herdman has a close relationship with his father’s side of the family, and they remain influential in his life and career.


The private married life of Josh Herdman and Jessica Worth is a testament to their desire to separate their personal lives from their professional careers. While their details are scarce, glimpses show they are loving parents devoted to their sons and family.

Herdman’s family background reveals how his father’s athletic background has influenced him, inspiring his own love for martial arts. Jessica Worth’s Family Background: A Mystery

Jessica Worth, a prominent figure in the fashion journalism industry, keeps her personal life private, leaving little information available about her family background.

In this article, we will delve into what little information is known about Worth’s family, including her mysterious family background and her connection to her mother-in-law.

Unknown Family Background

Despite the information available about Worth’s career in fashion journalism, it seems that she has intentionally kept her family background out of the public eye. Online searches for information about her parents or siblings yield no results, indicating that Worth does not reveal much about her family.

It is not known whether Worth’s decision to keep her personal life private is due to a difficult or traumatic family background, or simply a personal preference for shielding her loved ones from the public eye.

Same Name as Mother-in-Law

Although little is known about Worth’s family background, there is one interesting connection that Worth shares with her mother-in-law. Worth and her mother-in-law share the same name, Jessica.

While it may seem unusual for a mother and daughter-in-law to share the same name, it is not uncommon in certain parts of the world. However, with Worth being notoriously private about her personal life, it is unknown what effect, if any, this connection has on their relationship.


Jessica Worth’s family background remains a mystery, leaving little information available regarding her family tree, history, or background. The connection she shares with her mother-in-law is one small insight into her personal life, but still, leaves more questions than answers.

Regardless, Worth’s experience in fashion journalism has certainly been a remarkable journey, and it proves that one’s talent and hard work can define their success regardless of their family background. In summary, the article explored the careers and personal lives of Josh Herdman and Jessica Worth.

Herdman’s acting career, including his memorable role in the Harry Potter series, was followed by a recent foray into MMA fighting. Worth, on the other hand, carved out a name for herself in the fashion journalism industry, from freelancing to working with Victoria Beckham and eventually editing at SHOWstudio.

Information about Worth’s family background was scant, further highlighting her preference for privacy. The same is true for the married couple’s private life together, including their wedding and their children.

These articles offer insights into the lives of two notable individuals, showcasing that dedication, passion, and hard work can have different outcomes, and that different people prefer to share their lives in different ways.

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