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Brass in a Flash: The Best VST Plugins for Dynamic Compositions

Introduction to Brass VST Plugins

Brass instruments have been an integral part of music for centuries, adding depth, power, and emotion to countless compositions. With technological advancements, virtual instruments have exploded in popularity, providing a way for musicians to create symphonic sounds without the need for physical instruments.

This article will provide an overview of brass VST plugins and highlight some of the best options available on the market.

Role of Brass Instruments in Music

Brass instruments play a variety of roles in music, from carrying the melody to providing accompaniment, percussive effects, and rhythmic stabs or shots. Trumpets, trombones, French horns, and tubas can all be found in orchestras, big bands, marching bands, jazz ensembles, and more.

These instruments are also popular in pop, funk, and soul music, where they add an extra layer of energy and excitement to the music.

Importance of Virtual Instruments in Music Production

Virtual instruments, or VST plugins, have completely transformed the music production industry. Instead of hiring a full orchestra or buying expensive physical instruments, musicians can now access a vast library of virtual instruments from the comfort of their own home.

These plugins provide endless possibilities for creating and manipulating sounds, from classic brass to futuristic synth sounds.

Best Brass VST Plugins

1. MOJO 2: Horn Section by Vir2 Instruments – Best Overall

MOJO 2 is a versatile and comprehensive horn plugin that offers a wide range of articulations and styles.

From pop and funk to big band and jazz, this plugin can handle it all. The sounds are incredibly realistic, and the interface is easy to use, making it a popular option for both experienced and novice producers.


FORZO Modern Brass by Heavyocity – Best Premium Option

FORZO Modern Brass is designed for modern orchestral brass sounds, perfect for cinematic and soundtrack compositions.

Created in collaboration with leading composers like John Williams and Hans Zimmer, this plugin features three mic positions and a range of dynamic and expressive sounds. 3.

Hyperion Brass Micro by Soundiron – Best Budget Option

Hyperion Brass Micro is a budget-friendly plugin that offers a range of chamber orchestral brass sounds. The balance, humanism, and realism of the sounds make it a popular choice for composers looking for a natural and organic sound.

The plugin also includes a range of effects and controls for customization. 4.


ANALOG BRASS & WINDS is a unique plugin that blends orchestral sounds with vintage synthesizers. The modulation routing allows for deep sound manipulation, creating a range of interesting and characterful sounds.

This plugin is perfect for producers looking for something a little different from traditional orchestral brass sounds. 5.

Vintage Horns by Big Fish Audio

Vintage Horns is a plugin that provides a range of classic R&B, soul, funk, and jazz horn sounds from the 60s and 70s. The sounds are processed to provide a vintage feel, and the various articulations and effects provide a range of customization options.

6. First Call Horns by Big Fish Audio

First Call Horns is a comprehensive plugin that features a range of jazz, Latin, big band, rock, and pop sounds.

The plugin includes a variety of articulations and effects, perfect for creating diverse compositions. The sounds are also incredibly realistic and expressive, making it a popular choice for producers looking for a high-quality plugin.


In conclusion, brass VST plugins provide an incredibly versatile and powerful tool for musicians and producers. With a range of options available, from realistic orchestral sounds to vintage and synth-infused sounds, there is something for everyone.

In addition to the plugins highlighted in this article, there are countless other options available on the market. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced producer, adding a brass VST plugin to your library can add a new layer of depth and creativity to your music.

Features of Brass VST Plugins

When selecting a brass VST plugin, there are several factors to consider, including the available articulations and presets, recording quality and techniques, user interface and design, and additional features and effects.

Articulations and Presets

Articulations refer to the various techniques used to play a musical instrument, such as stabs, sustains, staccatos, trills, slurs, shakes, riffs, and improvisations. A good brass VST plugin will offer a wide range of articulations and presets, allowing producers to create realistic and expressive compositions.

For example, a big band jazz composition may require glissandos and growls which can be achieved through the use of specialized VST plugins.

Recording Quality and Techniques

The quality of the recording is critical in creating realistic and expressive brass sounds. Typically, most brass VST plugins are recorded using multiple mics and various recording techniques to capture the full range of the instrument.

Producers should look for plugins that offer multiple mic positions and a high sample rate to ensure that the final sound is of high-quality.

User Interface and Design

A good user interface is essential in creating an efficient and user-friendly experience while working with VST plugins. Producers should look for plugins with clear and concise menus that are easy to navigate.

In addition to ease of use, the readability of the plugins texts and the general layout should also be considered to enhance the experience.

Additional Features and Effects

Many brass VST plugins offer additional features and effects beyond the recorded sounds and articulations. These features may include EQ, compression, saturation, distortion, chorus, reverb, delay, macros, arpeggiators, and more.

These effects and features provide additional control and added expression to your compositions.

Use Cases for Brass VST Plugins

Brass VST plugins can be used in a variety of applications, from orchestral compositions to pop, rock, EDM, and other genres.

Orchestral and Compositional Applications

Brass instruments are a staple in orchestral and compositional applications, such as film, TV, video games, and other media. These plugins offer a range of sounds and articulations, ensuring that producers can create a wide range of compositions.

Many plugins also offer built-in effects like reverb and delay that can help create a realistic acoustic space. In media applications, where music is often used to set a mood or evoke an emotion, brass VST plugins can provide the necessary impact and depth.

Pop, Rock, EDM, and Other Genres

While brass VST plugins are often used in orchestral compositions, they can also be used in non-orchestral genres. Producers can use these plugins to add realism and organic elements to their mixes.

For example, they can use a trumpet plugin to create a memorable intro for a song or add a horn section to a pop songs chorus. The versatility of modern brass plugins also grants a range of expression that can be used in EDM and other similar genres.

Specialty Plugins

In addition to traditional brass VST plugins, there are also specialty plugins available that provide specific sounds and styles. For instance, vintage brass plugins can be used to create soul, funk, jazz, and other retro-style sounds.

These plugins often include a range of articulations and effects tailored specifically to the genre, allowing producers to quickly create authentic and expressive compositions.


Brass VST plugins have become an essential tool for music production, offering an endless range of possibilities when it comes to creating expressive compositions. With a variety of features, effects, and use cases, there is a brass VST plugin that can cater to the unique needs of any producer.

Whether youre working on a cinematic score or need brass sounds for commercial recordings, the versatility of these plugins makes them an ideal choice for any production requiring a powerful and dynamic sound.

Reviews and Recommendations

When it comes to selecting the best brass VST plugins, it can be challenging to know where to start. Here, we will look at two of the best brass VST plugins available and explore what makes them standout options for producers.

MOJO 2: Horn Section by Vir2 Instruments

MOJO 2: Horn Section is a highly recommended brass VST plugin with a versatile range of sounds. Its a comprehensive plugin that includes trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and more.

The plugin is designed to produce authentic and expressive horn sounds and comes loaded with numerous articulations, offering both traditional and modern expressions, including legatos, stabs, falls, and more. This plugin features eight individual instruments, including five trumpets, three trombones, three bass trombones, four saxophones, one flugelhorn, and one alto horn.

One of the defining features of the plugin is the ease of use. Its interface is well-designed and allows quick access to the instrument mode, presets, and sound shaping.

Advanced controls can also be accessed for detailed adjustments and customization. The plugin’s ensemble section provides a range of instrument sections, including full horns and jazz ensembles, pop horns, and more.

Its section mixer provides quick access to all instrument-level controls and effects.

The brass sounds produced by MOJO 2 are highly realistic, and the sampling is of excellent quality, giving it an organic and warm sound.

The plugin also features several other effects, including reverb, distortion, and delay, which can be used to further enhance the sound. Overall, MOJO 2 is a highly recommended brass VST plugin for producers looking for a versatile and high-quality tool to create authentic and expressive horn sounds.

FORZO Modern Brass by Heavyocity

FORZO Modern Brass is a VST plugin that provides a range of modern orchestral brass sounds. Designed in collaboration with leading composers John Williams and Hans Zimmer, this plugin is built with cinematic and soundtrack composition in mind.

The plugin includes everything from massive ensemble sections and full solo brass sections to more intimate groups of brass instruments. It features 12 different solo brass players, four large brass ensembles, three mic positions, and more than 40 unique articulated passages.

One of the defining features of FORZO Modern Brass is the custom sound design and recording techniques that provide an incredibly realistic and powerful sound. It uses a unique blend of traditional and modern recording techniques, resulting in a highly expressive and dynamic sound that is perfect for a range of compositions.

Additionally, the plugin offers various features that allow for precise control over the sound, including a Humanize button that applies random variation to the timing, velocity, and pitch of the notes. This feature adds more human-like uniqueness to the details of the compositions.

FORZO Modern Brass’s interface is easy to use, with a clear layout that includes everything from individual articulations to effects like distortion, saturation, and more. The sound customization controls are well placed and easily accessible, providing the producer with an efficient workflow.

The range of brass sounds that can be created with FORZO Modern Brass is broad, making it perfect for composers who need to score a range of cinematic action scenes.


Finding the right brass VST plugins for your production can be challenging. Still, MOJO 2: Horn Section by Vir2 Instruments and

FORZO Modern Brass by Heavyocity are both exceptional options that offer high-quality brass sounds with unique features and control.

Whether you are working on a cinematic soundtrack or creating modern pop compositions, these plugins deliver the high-quality sounds that help make your compositions dynamic and expressive. In conclusion, selecting the right brass VST plugin is crucial for creating dynamic and expressive compositions.

Various factors need to be considered, including the range of articulations and presets, recording quality and techniques, user interface and design, and additional features and effects. MOJO 2: Horn Section by Vir2 Instruments and

FORZO Modern Brass by Heavyocity are two highly recommended plugins that offer versatile and high-quality brass sounds.

Whether you are working on a cinematic score or creating modern pop compositions, these plugins deliver exceptional brass sounds and unique features that help make your compositions dynamic and expressive. With the right brass VST plugin in your toolbox, you can elevate your sounds, providing endless possibilities for creating music that resonates with the audience.

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