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Behind the Scenes of Key Glock and Karin Jinsui’s Alleged Romance

Introduction to Key Glock and Karin Jinsui

The world of entertainment is always growing, and young talents are emerging every day. In this article, we will explore the life and works of two young artists; Key Glock and Karin Jinsui.

While Key Glock is a Memphis rapper who has gained popularity for his exceptional music, such as “Dum & Dummer” and “Glockoma,” Karin Jinsui is an Instagram and YouTube influencer who has made a name for herself in the beauty world.

Background of Key Glock

Key Glock’s real name is Markeyvius Cathey. He started rapping at a young age and got his first recognition through his close affiliation and collaboration with Young Dolph.

In 2017, he signed with Dolph’s record label, Paper Route Empire. Key Glock has released several mixtapes and albums, such as “Glock Season,” “Son of a Gun,” and “Yellow Tape.” His music has gained traction and popularity, and he has even been listed on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Growing up in Memphis, Key Glock was exposed to different genres of music that influenced his rap style. His music has been classified as “trap,” influenced by Southern hip hop and has garnered praise for its instrumentals and his lyrics.

Karin Jinsui’s Social Media Influence

In the past decade, social media has become a leading influencer of style, beauty, and fashion. Karin Jinsui has successfully leveraged her Instagram presence to achieve fame as a beauty influencer.

She has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram, and she has also worked with brands such as FashionNova and Kylie Cosmetics. Overview of Karin Jinsui’s Career

Karin Jinsui is originally from East Harlem, New York, where she began her career in fashion.

She rose to popularity due to her unique and eye-catching hairstyles that quickly became an inspiration for young people wanting to get stylish and colorful looks. She is also known for her self-taught makeup skills, which she often shares through tutorials and product reviews on her YouTube channel.

In terms of fashion, Karin Jinsui has collaborated with several brands, such as ShoeDazzle and Forever21, as a model, and her streetwear style has also been featured in different fashion publications. Her influence as a style icon continues to grow, attracting more opportunities and platforms to share her talents.

Karin Jinsui’s YouTube Channel

Karin Jinsui’s YouTube channel focuses mainly on makeup and hair tutorials. Her channel boasts over 680,000 subscribers, with some of her most popular videos being “How I Style My Long Hair” and “Everyday to Bombshell Tutorial.” Her channel allows her to connect with her followers and share other aspects of her life that are not seen on her Instagram page.

Karin Jinsui is also passionate about sharing beauty tips that can work for the average person. Her tutorials are easy to follow, informative, and made to cater to people with different styles and preferences.


In conclusion, we have explored the careers of Key Glock and Karin Jinsui. Both artists have unique talents that have influenced their respective industries.

Key Glock’s music, which is heavily influenced by the trap/classic hip hop, has attracted a following both in the US and beyond. Karin Jinsui, on the other hand, has leveraged her popularity as an Instagram and YouTube influencer to share her unique style, fashion, hair, makeup, and beauty tips with her followers.

Both of these artists serve as examples of individuals who have been able to successfully traverse their path to success with consistent hard work and dedication to their craft. Their influence continues to grow, inspiring many, and encouraging more young artists to pursue their passions in the entertainment world.

Key Glock and Karin Jinsui’s Dating Life

Key Glock and Karin Jinsui became the talk of the town when they were spotted together on multiple occasions in 2019 and 2020. The couple never officially confirmed their relationship, but their public appearances together were enough to fuel rumors of a romance.

Timeline of their Relationship

Key Glock and Karin Jinsui were first linked in late 2019 after multiple videos surfaced online, showing them together in several events and parties. Their fans started noticing that they were seen together in different parts of the United States, and their social media activity further fueled the rumors.

In February 2020, Karin Jinsui posted a picture of herself and Key Glock on Instagram, which added further speculation to their alleged relationship. Nonetheless, neither of them explicitly confirmed or denied the rumors.

Rumors of a Breakup

In the summer of 2020, rumors started to circulate that Key Glock and Karin Jinsui had allegedly split. They were no longer seen together, and their social media accounts no longer mentioned each other.

Fans and tabloids alike questioned if anything had changed behind the scenes, but none of the parties came forward to confirm or deny the speculation. However, Karin Jinsui did post a tweet on Twitter, saying, “I’m single” and then quickly added another tweet saying, “jkkkkkk yall gotta calm down I cant even crack a joke anymore” implying that it was just a joke or an attempt to avoid the constant speculation about her dating life.

Recent Status of their Relationship

As of 2021, rumors still circulate that Key Glock and Karin Jinsui are still romantically involved. While they still do not acknowledge each other on their social media pages, videos, and photos of them together keep surfacing online.

They have been seen together in some public places, and their fans still speculate about their status. On several occasions, they have also been seen engaging in flirty conversations and exchanging banter on Karin’s live streams.

This has led their fans to believe that they might still be going strong and keeping it under wraps. Karin Jinsui’s Height and Age

Karin Jinsui is famous for her gorgeous looks and impeccable style, but her fans also have been curious about her height.

Karin Jinsui stands at 5 feet 4 inches (162.56 cm) tall. Born on November 16, 1994, Karin Jinsui is currently 26 years old.

She is a Scorpio and often describes herself as an introvert and a homebody who enjoys cooking and working on her beauty routines.

In contrast, Key Glock was born on August 3, 1997, in Memphis, Tennessee, making him 29 years old.

While Key Glock may be three years younger than Karin, age has never been a significant factor in their alleged relationship.


Key Glock and Karin Jinsui’s dating life has been a topic of speculation among their fans and the media. While they have been spotted together on several occasions, they have yet to confirm or deny their relationship publicly.

Karin Jinsui’s height and age have also been of interest to her fans, and she is 5 feet 4 inches tall, while she is currently 26 years old. The rumors of Key Glock and Karin Jinsui’s relationship status continue, but they have managed to keep their alleged relationship private.

Key Glock and Karin Jinsui have kept their alleged relationship private, however, their fans have continued to speculate about the status of their relationship. Recently, social media was abuzz with the couple’s viral picture taken in Aspen, which added fuel to the rumors.

Key Glock and Karin Jinsui Photo at Aspen

In early 2021, Key Glock and Karin Jinsui were spotted traveling together to Aspen, Colorado. Fans of the rumored couple were quick to share their suspicions online after a picture of the two of them at the beautiful ski resort surfaced on social media.

The picture shows Key Glock and Karin Jinsui standing close to each other atop a snow-covered mountain. Key Glock is seen wearing all-black clothing, while Karin wears a white top with black pants and a black coat.

While it wasn’t explicitly disclosed whether they were there purely for leisure, traveling together to such a destination raised eyebrows amongst their fans. Karin Jinsui’s Instagram Posts

Fans of Karin Jinsui speculate about the hints she drops on her Instagram page that could indicate a romantic involvement with Key Glock.

She has been seen posing with a yellow truck in some of her Instagram posts, and fans have been quick to point out that the same truck frequently appears in Key Glock’s social media content. Moreover, Karin Jinsui has been seen using yellow hearts frequently in her captions and tags across her Instagram posts, which fans believe is a nod to her rumored beau.

While Karin Jinsui has never explicitly confirmed that her posts on social media are related to Key Glock, fans of the alleged couple have continued to post speculations and comments on their social media pages.


Despite the constant speculation about their alleged relationship, Key Glock and Karin Jinsui continue to keep their alleged relationship private. The picture of them in Aspen, sparking comments about how happy and cozy they looked, only added fuel to the rumors.

While their fans continue to scrutinize their social media activity, the couple seems to be comfortable keeping their alleged relationship just between the two of them. Until any confirmation comes from either side, their fans have to satisfy themselves with just speculations about Key Glock and Karin Jinsui’s relationship status.

In conclusion, Key Glock and Karin Jinsui are two young talents who have made a significant impact on their respective industries. Key Glock has taken the world of Memphis rap by storm with his unique style, while Karin Jinsui has become one of the most influential Instagram and YouTube beauty influencers.

Despite their meteoric rise to fame, both Key Glock and Karin Jinsui have managed to keep their alleged relationship status private. However, rumors and speculation about their relationship continue to thrive among their fans.

The enduring interest in their alleged romance serves as a testament to their star power and the influence they wield in their respective fields.

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