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Bang on with the Best Drum Sets for Every Budget

Introduction to Drum Sets for Metal

Drum sets are the backbone of any band, especially in the world of metal. A punchy drum kit with its thunderous sound and high-quality construction is vital for drummers who want to create a wall of sound that rips through the ears of the audience.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of punchy drum kits for metal and popular options for metal drummers.

Importance of Punchy Drum Kits

Punchy drum kits are essential for metal music because they provide a powerful sound that can cut through the heavy distortion of guitars and bass. This sound is achieved by using shells made from high-quality materials like maple, birch, and mahogany.

The size and tones of the shells also play a crucial role in creating a punchy drum sound.

Popular Options for Metal Drummers

Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch is one of the best drum sets for metal drummers. This drum set is versatile, providing a wide variety of tones and is perfect for heavy metal drummers who demand perfection in their sound.

The Tama Starclassic has a combination of birch and walnut shells that create a loud, punchy sound, perfect for the energy-driven songs of heavy metal.

Description and Features

The Tama Starclassic features shells made from a combination of walnut and birch. The smaller sizes of the shells provide a sharp, focused sound, while larger sizes provide a fuller sound.

The zinc die-cast hoops add to the overall quality of the sound by improving the rim shots and providing a crisper sound on the snare drum.

Snare Drum Recommendation

The snare drum is an essential part of any drum set, and for metal drummers, it is even more important. The Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum is an excellent choice for metal drummers due to its metal shell.

This drum provides a powerful, cutting sound that can be heard even in the loudest of metal music.


In conclusion, a punchy drum kit is a must-have for any metal drummer. The Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch drum set and Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum are two excellent options for metal drummers who demand perfection in their sound.

By choosing the right drum set, metal drummers can deliver the heavy, energetic sound that is a hallmark of the genre.

3) Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure – Premium Option

If you’re a serious drummer looking for a high-end drum set, the Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure is an exceptional choice. This eight-piece setup is designed for professional drummers who demand the best in their sound.

The Custom Reference Pure features a unique shell structure that combines the benefits of birch and maple.

Description and Features

The Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure has an eight-piece setup that includes two bass drums, two floor toms, and four rack toms. The unique shell structure combines thin inner plies of birch with slightly thicker outer plies of maple.

This combination provides an incredible resonance with power, warmth, and sensitivity perfect for all drumming styles. Additionally, the Reference Pure utilizes Pearl’s proprietary hardware, which adds to the overall durability and helps to hold the drums securely in place.

The bass drum claws, floor tom legs, and tom mounts are all made from aluminum, which is sturdy and long-lasting, making it the perfect solution for touring drummers.

Snare Drum Recommendation

The snare drum is a crucial component of any drum set and should not be overlooked when searching for the perfect drum set. When using the Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure drum set, the Pearl Reference Pure Snare Drum is the perfect complement to this high-end kit.

The Reference Pure Snare Drum features a 6-ply shell made from premium maple that provides incredible sensitivity and responsiveness. This snare drum provides a warm and articulate tone, and it is an excellent choice for drummers who want to achieve a wide variety of sounds.

4) Tama Imperialstar – Best Budget Option

If you are a beginner drummer, or if you are on a tight budget and seeking an affordable and fully playable drum set, the Tama Imperialstar is an excellent choice. Built for easy access and loaded with features, this drum set offers beginners and intermediate players just enough rack toms, cymbals, and hardware only experienced drummers need.

Description and Features

The Tama Imperialstar features a five-piece setup, combining a 22-inch bass drum, 10-inch rack tom, and a 12-inch rack tom. There is also a 16-inch floor tom and 14-inch snare drum included in the setup, making it a highly playable kit.

Similarly, it comes with a bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand, boom cymbal stand, straight cymbal stand, and a snare stand. The Tama Imperialstar’s poplar shells are known for their bright tones and impressive projection, making it perfect for rock and metal styles.

They’re also quite lightweight, providing an added bonus for beginners and any drummer who’s looking for a relatively easy-to-transport drum set.

Suitable Styles for Cymbals

If you’re playing grungy styles, you’ll want a cymbal that can deliver a darker, more trashy sound. The Meinl HCS Bronze Trash Crash Cymbal is a perfect fit for the Tama Imperialstar.

This cymbal has a unique finish and is hand-hammered to create a trashy, retro sound. It has a brilliant finish that gives off an aesthetic appeal and complements the overall look of the Tama Imperialstar drum set.

In conclusion, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional drummer, there is a drum set on the market perfect for your needs. The Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure is a premium choice for more experienced drummers seeking durability, resilience, and high-quality sound.

In contrast, the Tama Imperialstar is a great budget option that offers beginner and intermediate players the right balance of simplicity and variety without sacrificing quality or performance. Finally, selecting the right cymbals is also crucial, and the choice should be made for a cymbal that complements one’s playing style and drum set.

5) Mapex Armory Studioease

Mapex Armory Studioease is a top-rated drum set for drummers who demand the best in sound quality and innovative design. This drum set features a metal snare drum, punchy tones, and is ideal for heavy metal and hard rock drumming styles.

Description and Features

The Mapex Armory Studioease drum set features a 6-piece configuration with a natural maple finish, which highlights the beautiful wood grain pattern. Additionally, the drum set comes with a high-quality metal snare that produces a loud, biting, and sharp sound that is perfect for heavy metal and hard rock drumming styles.

The toms and bass drum feature unique SONIClear bearing edges that increase the contact between the drumheads and shells for maximum resonance and consistent tuning. The drum set also features SONIClear suspension mounts that isolate the drums from the rest of the drum set, resulting in less vibration and better tuning.

Design Features

The Mapex Armory Studioease drum set is synonymous with innovative design and superior craftsmanship. The innovative SONIClear bearing edges and suspension mounts make the Armory Studioease drum set one of the best sounding drum sets in the market.

Furthermore, the innovative bearing edges are designed for better contact between the drumhead and shell, ensuring a focused tone and increased overall resonance. The SONIClear suspension mounts reduce contact between the drums and hardware, resulting in a cleaner and more defined sound.

6) PDP Concept Maple

When it comes to affordable drum sets, the PDP Concept Maple is an excellent choice for drummers on a budget. PDP Concept Maple is a 7-piece set that combines affordability with quality to create a drum set that is ideal for novice and intermediate drummers.

Description and Features

The PDP Concept Maple drum set features a 7-piece configuration with a natural maple finish. This drum set has a full-bodied tone, making it ideal for beginner drummers who want to explore various playing styles in rock, alternative or even jazz.

The Concept Maple features tom arms, which provide reliable positioning for the toms. Instead of having single tom arms, this kit features a rack tom mount that simplifies set up and teardowns, making this drum set a drummer-friendly instrument.

Hardware Differences

One of the differences between the PDP Concept Maple and other drum sets on the market is the form of the tom arms. The concept maple drum set comes equipped with rack tom mounts that create a more straightforward hardware setup, eliminating the need for a wide range of stands.

Another hardware difference is the single tom arms typically found on expensive drum sets. These arms are attached to individual lugs, resulting in a complex hardware setup.

The PDP Concept Maple simplifies the set-up process for newer drummers, providing a series of toms with consistently reliable positioning.

In conclusion, drum sets come in various configurations, sizes, and designs that cater to the needs of drummers.

The Mapex Armory Studioease produces an innovative and superior sound quality for drummers looking for a unique and high-quality drum set. Alternatively, for drummers on a budget, the PDP Concept Maple offers a 7-piece set that is accessible and provides reliable positioning for its toms, granting novice and intermediate drummers the chance to explore and improve their drumming skills.

7) Sonor SQ1

The Sonor SQ1 is a high-quality drum set that excels in sound quality and durability. This drum set features punchy birch shells that produce a precise and focused sound ideal for live performances and studio use.

Description and Features

The Sonor SQ1 features a 5-piece shell pack with natural finishes that allow the beautiful wood grain patterns to shine through. The birch shells of the drum set are made entirely in Germany and feature the Stage-Acoustic laminate technology that results in a warm and punchy sound.

The Sonor SQ1 drum set’s unique shell construction exhibits better tuning stability with minimal deadhead and better projection, ensuring a more accurate and consistent sound all around. Additionally, the manufacturing process of this kit has helped Sonor to minimize wastage and maintain a more sustainable approach to drum manufacturing.

Snare Drum Recommendation

The metal snare drum is a crucial component of any drum set, and the Sonor SQ1 drum set is no exception. The brass snare drum is an excellent recommendation for the Sonor SQ1 drum set for its tone and durability.

The brass snare drum is bright and cutting, which complements the punchy and precise sound of the birch shells of the Sonor SQ1. The brass material ensures the durability and longevity of the snare drum, making it an ideal choice for gigging musicians or studio drummers in need of a dependable snare drum that will last for years.

8) DW Acrylic Design Series

The DW Acrylic Design Series is a loud and visually striking drum set known for its acrylic shells, which produce resonant and cutting tones that cut through the mix.

Description and Features

The DW Acrylic Design Series is a 5-piece drum set that features seamless acrylic shells that provide a bright and resonant sound. The drum set has a beautiful and stylish design, with its shiny acrylic lids reflecting the light, which makes it a visually striking addition to any stage or studio.

The DW Acrylic Design Series is an incredibly versatile drum set that can be used for a variety of playing styles ranging from rock to hip-hop, with smooth tuning and a broad tuning range.


The DW Acrylic Design Series drum set’s versatility makes it a great choice for drummers who need a drum set that can handle any playing style. However, it is worth noting that the loud and cutting sound of the acrylic shells may not be suitable for shared households, apartments, or small performance areas.

In conclusion, Sonor SQ1 and DW Acrylic Design Series are two great drum sets that feature punchy and resonant tones. The Sonor SQ1 drum set with its birch shells and punchy sound is ideal for live performances and studio use.

On the other hand, the DW Acrylic Design Series with its acrylic shells that produce a cutting and resonant sound is ideal for players looking for a loud kit with a versatile playing range. Considering these factors, drummers can select the drum set that meets their musical needs and aesthetic preferences.

9) Pearl Decade Maple

The Pearl Decade Maple is a drum set that features high-quality craftsmanship, beautiful finishes, and an affordable price range that makes it ideal for beginner and intermediate drummers.

Description and Features

The Pearl Decade Maple features a 7-piece shell pack that includes tom-toms, a bass drum, and two snare drums, providing a versatile drum set suitable for various drumming styles. Additionally, it has a sleek and modern look that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal.

The drums’ shells are made from 6-ply 100% maple shells that produce a warm and full-bodied tone, ideal for rock or jazz drumming styles. These shells also produce a powerful projection that can withstand heavy hits and maintain a clear and focused sound.

Additional Hardware

The Pearl Decade Maple drum set includes an array of hardware pieces that make it a complete drumming solution. It features single tom holders, which provide stable positioning of the toms while simplifying set-up and teardowns.

The kit also comes with a bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand, cymbal stand, and snare stand, ensuring that buyers can play the drums out of the box. Overall, the Pearl Decade Maple is a complete package ready for drumming right from the start, thanks to its high-quality hardware and affordable price.

10) What To Look

When it comes to purchasing a drum set, several factors come into play, including the type of wood shells used, cymbals, hardware, and bass pedals. Generally, it’s essential to consider the below factors to purchase a drum set that meets your needs.

1. Drumming style – Your musical genre should guide the type of drum set that you choose.

2. Material – The material used on shells plays a critical role in sound quality.

For instance, maple shells produce more warmth, while birch shells are punchier. 3.

Drum kit size – Depending on your drumming style, you would need a different number of drums, e.g., Jazz drummers generally use smaller drum kits, whereas a rock or metal drummer needs a larger drum kit. 4.

Hardware – Consider the quality of hardware before purchasing a drum set. Standard hardware features include snare stands, bass drum pedals, and cymbal stands, and they should be sturdy and durable.

5. Cymbals – Consider the type of cymbals that come with the drum set.

Some beginner drum sets come with a complete set of cymbals, while others require buying cymbals separately. In conclusion, purchasing a drum set involves taking into account several factors before making a final decision.

However, determining the drumming style, consideration of the material used, drum kit size, quality of hardware, and cymbals are the most crucial factors to consider to make

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