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6LACK: Exploring Love Growth and Authenticity Through his Alternative R&B Sound

6LACK is a singer, rapper, and songwriter who has made a name for himself in the world of alternative R&B and hip-hop. His style is unique, blending different elements of different genres to create music that is both accessible and thought-provoking.

In this article, we will explore 6LACK’s musical style and the common themes that he explores in his lyrics.

Musical Style

6LACK’s musical style is rooted in alternative R&B and hip-hop. He often uses a slow tempo, minimalist beats, and emotive vocals to create a moody atmosphere.

He also incorporates elements of trap music and electronic music into his production, adding a modern edge to his sound. One of the defining features of 6LACK’s music is his ability to seamlessly blend different genres together.

He explores themes of heartbreak, depression, addiction, and personal growth through his lyrics, making his music both relatable and emotionally powerful.


Love is a common theme in 6LACK’s music, but it is often explored through a lens of heartbreak and loss. He often writes about failed relationships and the pain that comes with realizing that love is not enough to sustain a partnership.

In songs like “Luving U” and “Disconnect,” he expresses the longing and confusion that comes with trying to move on from a past love. Another common theme in 6LACK’s music is personal growth.

He is not afraid to delve into his own struggles with addiction and depression, using his lyrics to express his journey towards a healthier mindset. In “Unfair” and “Sorry,” he talks about the importance of taking care of your mental health and the challenges that come with facing your own demons.

Family issues are also a theme in 6LACK’s music. In songs like “Learn Ya” and “Worst Luck,” he talks about growing up in a tumultuous household and the impact that it had on his life.

He also reflects on the importance of family in “Alone / EA6” and “Pretty Little Fears,” recognizing the role that his loved ones have played in his journey.


6LACK’s music draws from a variety of influences and explores a range of themes. His style is characterized by its versatility, melding different genres together to create a sound that is uniquely his own.

Through his lyrics, he grapples with issues of love, heartbreak, personal growth, depression, addiction, and family issues. His honesty and vulnerability have earned him a devoted fanbase and cemented his place as one of the most exciting voices in alternative R&B and hip-hop today.

Career and Collaborations

Since releasing his debut album Free 6LACK in 2016, 6LACK has quickly risen to stardom in the music industry. The album received critical acclaim and established him as a rising star in the alternative R&B and hip-hop scene.

His sophomore album East Atlanta Love Letter, released in 2018, was also met with critical acclaim and further solidified his position as one of the freshest voices in music. Throughout his career, 6LACK has collaborated with a variety of artists from different genres.

He has worked with Ty Dolla $ign on his debut album and with Khalid on his sophomore album. One of his most notable collaborations was with J.

Cole on the track “Pretty Little Fears,” which was a commercial success and earned him a Grammy nomination.

Aesthetic and Authenticity

6LACK’s music is known for its striking imagery and moody atmospheres. He often incorporates surreal elements into his visuals, creating an otherworldly landscape that matches the emotions of his music.

In his music videos for “Switch” and “ATL Freestyle,” he uses surrealism to comment on societal issues like police brutality and systemic inequality. Moreover, 6LACK’s lyrics are known for their authenticity and vulnerability.

He is not afraid to explore his personal struggles and triumphs, often writing about his experiences with addiction, depression, and heartbreak. In doing so, he creates an emotional connection with his listeners, who resonate with his candidness and willingness to be open with his audience.

This authenticity is also reflected in his live performances. 6LACK’s concerts are known for their intimate and introspective quality, with the artist often taking the time to connect with his audience and share his personal stories.

This level of vulnerability and honesty has earned him a devoted fanbase and has endeared him to many who appreciate his willingness to be authentic in a world that often prizes superficiality. In conclusion, 6LACK’s career and collaborations have cemented his place as one of the most exciting voices in alternative R&B and hip-hop today.

His aesthetic is known for its striking visual imagery and emotive qualities, and his authenticity has earned him a loyal following. As he continues to explore new sounds and push the boundaries of his genre, it is clear that 6LACK’s impact on the music industry will only continue to grow.


6LACK’s music has always been brooding and introspective, characterized by emotive vocals and atmospheric soundscapes. His lyrics often touch upon themes of loneliness, self-doubt, and the pressures of success.

One of 6LACK’s best-known songs that captures this mood is “Talk Back,” which appears on his debut album Free 6LACK. “Talk Back” examines the difficult journey of pursuing one’s dreams in the face of obstacles.

The lyrics touch upon the feeling of isolation that often comes with success, questioning whether the people who were there before will still be there after. The overall message is that the journey to success is a long and challenging process that involves sacrifice, but ultimately it’s worth it.


Khalid’s soulful vocals and emotive delivery are a perfect match for 6LACK’s slow-burning R&B ballad “FOREVER”. Released in 2020, this powerful and emotional track shows the two artists collaborating to create a song with stunning musical depth and relatable lyrics.

The song explores a relationship that has reached a crossroads, with the two lovers trying to decide whether to stay together or move on. The lyrics are contemplative and heartfelt, capturing the emotions of two people who are unsure of what the future holds.

The slow, mournful beat and Khalid’s soulful vocals create a melancholic atmosphere that perfectly complements 6LACK’s emotive delivery. “FOREVER” shows the two artists collaborating to create a song that speaks to the universal experience of love and loss.

The track is characterized by its emotional depth and relatable lyrics qualities that define 6LACK’s music as a whole. The two artists’ vocal styles blend seamlessly together, resulting in a powerful duet that is sure to resonate with listeners.

I Want You Around (feat. 6lack) – Remix

“I Want You Around” is a soulful, emotive R&B ballad that has become one of the standout tracks on Summer Walker’s album Over It. The remix featuring 6LACK adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to an already powerful song.

The stripped-back production allows the vocals of both artists to shine, creating a stunning duet that feels both intimate and raw. The lyrics of “I Want You Around” speak to the all-consuming desire that comes with being in love, even when the pain of past relationships still lingers.

The song captures the complexity of these emotions, with both Summer Walker and 6LACK delivering deeply personal verses that reflect their own experiences with love and loss. Together, they create a duet that is both relatable and emotionally powerful.

Since I Have A Lover

Since I Have A Lover” is a soulful, introspective R&B track that showcases the smooth vocals of 6LACK. The song explores the struggles of being in a committed relationship, touching upon themes of love and sacrifice.

The lyrics examine the ups and downs of a romantic relationship, depicting the challenges that come with trying to make it work. Throughout the track, 6LACK delivers thoughtful verses that speak to the realities of being in a long-term partnership.

His vocals have a soothing quality that matches the contemplative mood of the song, creating a down-tempo ballad that is both relaxing and thought-provoking. Overall, “

Since I Have A Lover” showcases the musical depth and emotive qualities of 6LACK’s voice, delivering a heartfelt track that speaks to the universal experience of being in love.

With its reflective lyrics and smooth production, this track has become a fan favorite for those who appreciate the emotional nuance of his music. Tell Me It’s Over (feat.

Summer Walker & 6LACK)

“Tell Me It’s Over” is a melancholic and introspective R&B ballad that features vocals from both Summer Walker and 6LACK. The song is characterized by its slow tempo, mournful beat, and emotive vocals, creating a somber atmosphere that captures the feelings of heartbreak and longing.

The vocal performances of Summer Walker, 6LACK, and Brent Faiyaz (producer and featured artist) are the standout elements of this track. Each artist brings their unique style to the song, with Summer’s smooth and soulful vocals, 6LACK’s emotive delivery, and Brent’s smooth and understated verses.

Together, they create a powerful and emotive duet that perfectly captures the emotions of lost love.


PRBLMS” is one of the standout tracks on 6LACK’s debut album Free 6LACK. The slow-burning R&B track explores the complexities of romantic relationships, highlighting the struggles that come with trying to make love work.

The lyrics of “

PRBLMS” are introspective, delving deep into the artist’s personal relationship struggles. 6LACK’s emotive delivery perfectly captures the pain and heartbreak that comes with trying to make a failed relationship work.

Throughout the song, he questions whether love is worth the pain, examining the highs and lows of his own experiences with love and relationships. The song’s slow tempo, minimalist beat, and powerful lyrics make it a fan favorite that showcases the emotive qualities of 6LACK’s music.

PRBLMS” perfectly encapsulates the struggles of romantic relationships, capturing the challenges that come with trying to navigate the complexities of love. The track has a timeless quality that speaks to the universal experience of heartbreak and serves as a testament to 6LACK’s songwriting skills.


OTW” is a seductive and hypnotic R&B track that features Khalid, Ty Dolla $ign, and 6LACK. The song is characterized by its sultry beat and hypnotic chorus, creating a soundscape that feels both seductive and irresistible.

The lyrics of “

OTW” speak to the passion of steamy encounters, with each artist delivering verses that explore the intensity of desire. The song has a smooth and laid-back vibe that perfectly captures the essence of a late-night rendezvous.

The vocals of Khalid, Ty Dolla $ign, and 6LACK blend together seamlessly, creating a song that leaves listeners wanting more. Pretty Little Fears (feat.

J. Cole)

“Pretty Little Fears” is a sensual and seductive R&B track that features 6LACK and J.

Cole. The song is characterized by its smooth vocals and soulful beats, creating a soundscape that feels both intimate and introspective.

The lyrics of “Pretty Little Fears” explore the connection between two lovers, capturing the intensity of their desire and the depth of their connection. The song speaks to the passion that comes with falling in love and the importance of being vulnerable with one’s partner.

The duet between 6LACK and J. Cole is seamless, with both artists delivering verses that perfectly complement one another.

Overall, “Pretty Little Fears” is a standout track that showcases the sensual and seductive qualities of 6LACK’s music. The song is characterized by its smooth vocals and soulful beats, creating a soundscape that captures the intensity of romantic desire.

The duet between 6LACK and J. Cole is a testament to the power of collaboration, with each artist bringing their unique style to create a truly unforgettable track.

Love Songs – Remix

“Love Songs” is an emotive and introspective EP that showcases 6LACK’s stripped-back style. The remix features Lil Durk and Young Thug, who add an extra layer of vocal texture to an already moving collection of songs.

The EP is characterized by its emotive and introspective vibe, with each track delving deep into the complexities of love and relationships. Lil Durk and Young Thug add their unique vocal styles to the remix, creating a soundscape that is both haunting and beautiful.

The vocal performances on the “Love Songs” remix are a testament to the power of collaboration, with each artist bringing their unique style to create a collection of songs that are both emotionally powerful and sonically stunning. From the melancholic tone of “Know My Rights” to the introspective vibes of “Stay Down,” the Love Songs remix is a masterpiece of introspective R&B.

Calling My Phone

Calling My Phone” is a collaboration between Lil Tjay and 6LACK that has become a viral sensation. The moody and atmospheric R&B track delves deep into the pain of lost love, capturing the feeling of heartbreak and melancholy.

The lyrics of “

Calling My Phone” speak to the pain of unrequited love, with Lil Tjay and 6LACK trading verses that capture the emotional complexity of the experience. The atmospheric production creates a soundscape that perfectly matches the mood of the lyrics, creating a track that is both haunting and beautiful.

Overall, “

Calling My Phone” showcases the emotional depth and introspective qualities of 6LACK’s music. The song is a testament to the artist’s songwriting skills and his ability to create music that resonates with listeners on a deep and emotional level.

With its moody atmosphere and melancholic tone, “

Calling My Phone” has become a sonic masterpiece that speaks to the universal experience of love and heartbreak. 6LACK is an alternative R&B and hip-hop artist who has risen to fame with his emotive vocals, introspective lyrics, and unique

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